Inspirational Wedding Ideas

Having Swings At Your Wedding Just Became The New Big Thing


Alright, guys, we’ve scouted one of the sweetest new wedding trends happening right now: wedding swings. Yes, swings, the things you would race to at recess (no? just me?), the best real estate at the park. Honestly, you’d be hard pressed to find a single bride or groom who wasn’t completely obsessed with the idea of having a swing situated at least somewhere in their special day.

Like cute animals? Would wouldn’t want something adorable like this at their nuptials.

Let’s talk about it, because we want to reiterate that these swings aren’t your typical chain link, black-rubber-seated varieties (you know, the germy ones that would make your hands smell like metal for the duration of the day). Instead, they’re something out of a fairy tale, beautifully styled, tasteful and the best possible version of whimsy you could have for your wedding.

Now, really, you can have this trend play out so many ways, from a vintage, 70s-style swing chair to take portraits from in your bridal suite, to a fun reception plaything for the little ones, or a fabulous place to capture your first look with your fiancé, and some of the coolest wedding planners and event stylists even make them functional, suspending food, dessert, even hanging floral installations from rustic, farmhouse tables.

But for now, we’ve just rounded up swing snaps that give us serious wish-we-were-kids again feels. They’re that good.