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Have Breakfast In Bed With Your Baby And Keurig

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If anyone ever brings you breakfast in bed, then basically you've hit the jack pot and you should never let them go. 

Now, if your significant other hasn't ever brought you breakfast in bed before, you might to share this post with them! Everyone deserves to be served a hot piping cup of coffee and some tasty treats while relaxing in bed. Keep scrolling to see how refreshingly simple it is to do breakfast in bed with a Keurig® brewer. This post is sponsored by Keurig Green Mountain®.

Kueirg K250 Green Mountain Coffee


Breakfast in bed (or any morning) wouldn't be complete without coffee! And with our new Keurig® K250 brewer, we can easily create and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee in just minutes. One of our favorite features is the brew strength control, so now our morning cup of coffee is now exactly how we like it.

What we love most about our new brewer is how we can perfectly brew coffee, hot cocoa, chai and mochas. Trust us…you're going to love this feature. Although, we are suckers for hot cocoa, when it comes to coffee, our go-to is Green Mountain Coffee®. Especially Green Mountain Coffee® Breakfast Blend Coffee, which really is makes for the perfect everyday morning coffee. Green Mountain Coffee® is one largest roasters of Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, using only the world's top 10% of coffee beans and they offer more than 50 varieties of K-Cup® pods to choose from.  Winning!


While the Keurig® K250 brewer in white is the ideal choice for us with its sleek and slim design, there are plenty of different brewers to choose from in a variety of sizes and colors for your wedding registry and home!

If you’re looking for a coffee maker with a few more features than ours, we would recommend adding the Keurig® K475 brewer to your wedding registry. It utilizes interactive technology to recognize the particular K-Cup® pod and helps you select the recommend setting for that exact beverage. 

And if you consider yourself a serious coffee drinker, then you are going to need to add the Keurig® K575 brewer to your registry. With hot water on demand with an 80 oz. reservoir and the ability to brew 30 oz. carafes (perfect for parties), this really is the ultimate brewing experience.

With so many great options, we recommend you heard over to to find the best system for you.

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So, we've already addressed that you'll need to have a cup of Green Mountain Coffee® Breakfast Blend Coffee on your perfect breakfast in bed menu! But in order to find out exactly what your love wants for themselves, print our FREE PRINTABLE so they can select what they would like to have.

Seriously! How special would it be if your love brought you breakfast in bed? Make this happen by registering for a Keurig® brewer and finding out what your special someone wants for breakfast.


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Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed

Compensation for this post was provided by Keurig Green Mountain® for The Wedding Chicks. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Keurig Green Mountain®. We want to make sure you know that we use our white Keurig® K250 brewer every day. It brews the perfect cup of coffee every time, and we can whole heartily say you need one.

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