Have a Newly-Engaged Girlfriend? Be a Doll & Send Her to This Event


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You know, whenever a friend gets engaged, it’s only a matter of time before you start thinking of gifts and ideas you can send her and begin tagging her in anything remotely wedding-related on Instagram. It’s sweet, really, it is, but let us be frank, she doesn’t need to be overwhelmed just yet. Wedding planning is going to take over her life soon enough, so right now, she just needs to chill and casually keep looking at that new bling on her finger. There’s also an event happening in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 15th, and she’ll appreciate you sending her, because it’s not the norm: no vendors swarming, no strangers soliciting wedding information she’s barely even begun to articulate, and no one shoving ‘take it from us’ kind of advice down her throat before she’s booked anyone for her big day ((where and when might not even be a thing yet)). If you usually brunch with your bestie on Sundays, tell her you’re rain checking for 3/15, because she can use ALL the confidence and clarity in the world for what goes into wedding planning… and The Bruncheon will be serving it up, with a side of strongly-spiked spirits.

This isn’t just a maybe, it’s a certainty.
Your friend was excited about getting engaged, she was thrilled to tell all of her people and wanted the news to spread like wildfire, she was ready to jump into soonlywed-hood as soon as her link in bio read #wifetobe 💍 X.Y.Z. But now, she’s just stressed AF and feeling like she’s already drowning in I Do to-dos.

She’s probably got lots on her mind since her partner popped the question, and while you obvi want to help, you might not have these answers readily available.

  1. Should I get my ring insured?
  2. Do we need to have an engagement party?
  3. Who should I be inviting to the wedding?
  4. How much do I even have to spend?
  5. What vendors do I need to lock down first?

Luckily, you can give her a hug, whisper ‘I gotchu boo boo!” and hand her a ticket to one of the best events to ever welcome baby brides into the newly-planning sisterhood. 

Have a Newly-Engaged Girlfriend? Be a Doll & Send Her to This EventPhoto Credit:

The tea on this LA happening

… Because if brunch is on the menu, tea can’t be too far behind.

The Bruncheon is an intimate, fun, and informative wedding experience designed with newbie brides in mind. Guests are invited to meet and connect with LA’s top wedding experts over brunch and bubbly ((two things any basic b can’t live without)). The expert panels have been curated with the express purpose of giving attendees the ‘Confidence + Clarity’ to plan the wedding of their dreams!

There are no booths at the event, because it’s PITCH FREE! The on-site experts aren’t there to overwhelm or pressure anyone about their pricing, promotions, or own accolades. Instead, they’re there to foster genuine connections and offer brides tangible tools for putting their best days ever together.

So, here’s what your gift will get her:

The Bruncheon Experience includes:

  • Brunch
  • Open Bar
  • Expert Panels
  • Q&A Breakout Session, where those wedding questions can be answered without judgment or fluff.
  • Parking
  • Amazing Gifts and Prizes
  • So much more!

There’s an after party, too, because WTHN?!

That's right, after brunch the event crew is throwing an EXCLUSIVE daytime after party to celebrate all the wedding planning that’s about to be put into the universe. That's where brides can chat with experts one-on-one, eat cake, and get any+all nervous energy out on the dance floor!

Have a Newly-Engaged Girlfriend? Be a Doll & Send Her to This EventPhoto Credit:

Apparently this bride would have paid double what she paid!

“This was absolutely fantastic! Apparently it was their 2nd annual bruncheon! The venue was fantastic. Food and desserts were great! There was a DJ, music and dancing!! The information was superlative and it was fun, fun, fun!! It would have been worth it, at double the price of the tickets!! Highly recommend it to all future brides!!!” ~ Leah P. (former bruncher)

Don’t tell her that we hooked you up 😉

The Bruncheon is hosting a flash sale March 6th-8th. Tickets will be $35 (a savings of $30) with the promo code “SPREADINGTHELOVE.” So, order yours now! 

Brunch Details:

WHEN: Sunday, March 15th

WHERE: The Unique Space Downtown LA


Have a Newly-Engaged Girlfriend? Be a Doll & Send Her to This Event


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