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Haute Boudoir : Shannon

Shannon is a recent bride of mine, and she decided the perfect wedding day gift for Chris would be an Haute Boudoir book! I'm not going to show too much, but needless to say, Chris was floored when he opened his gift the morning of his wedding, and he was so excited, he asked Shannon if he could show the bridal party how awesome his gift was! Shannon is gorgeous and so sweet and fun, I loved getting to hang out with her during boudoir, engagement and at her wedding, and Chris is such a fun, funny guy. They are a wonderful couple, which is one of the many reason's I'm so lucky to love my job-I get to meet and befriend amazing people like Shannon and Chris!Haute Boudoir : ShannonHaute Boudoir : ShannonHaute Boudoir : ShannonHaute Boudoir : Shannon