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Harry and Meghan Convinced Us to Have Kids at the Wedding


Royal Wedding Official Portrait Photo Credit:

Sooo, who else can’t stop obsessing over this weekend’s royal wedding? I spent Saturday evening watching Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, with a few glasses of rosé, and almost watched it again last night (all while scrolling through Instagram, looking for new pics to post), but I don’t even feel bad about it… And then, the Palace released the newlyweds’ first official wedding portraits - courtesy of the amazing Alexi Lubomirski, who became a household name after he shot those sublime engagement photos of the royal pair, and our Monday morning became even more of a distracted disaster #thankgodworkinginweddingsallowsmetostalkonthejob. The photos are amazing, of course, and only missing one TINYYYYY little thing (he was born on April 23rd, hint hint). But what we love, even more than the stunning black and white edit, is the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex let the kids share the spotlight.

Royal Wedding Portrait Official Photo Credit:

Each and every one of Harry and Meghan’s mini bridal party members got to have their moment, and it was adorable. Just look at George, he kiiiiilllls us!! And that little girl to the right of Charlotte? She might just be out favorite. Perfecting her slightly judgemental stare down since May 19, 2018. Just last week, we gave everyone some tips on how to tell guests NOT to bring their kids to the wedding, but the recently-wed Royal Highnesses gave us a great view of the other side. So, we thought it’d only be appropriate to share some pros for inviting peanuts to the party.

As a bridal party, they can bring it!

We’ve seen it before with weddings these days, brides and grooms opting to give their bridal party roles to a bunch of flower girls and ring bearers - and we love it!! Meghan had her train held ever-so-gently by two tails-wearing gentlemen and they did a great job (soo many wedding watchers were particularly moved by this picture), while the little ladies, dressed in white, filed into the chapel clutching their mommies’ hands. The flower crowns they wore and teeny little waves they gave to all the witnesses was everything. Plusssss, in years to come, when Harry and Meghan show them the photos to remind them of the day, they won’t spend the rest of the afternoon shaming themselves. “Ewww I looked fat,” or “Ahh, I hated my hair.” They’ll smile and remember all the fun they had.

Royal Wedding Flower girls on StepsPhoto Credit:

They’ll save the drama for THEIR mamas

Let’s not kid ourselves, bridesmaids be catty, gossipy, annoying girls, SOMETIMES. Some bridesmaids don’t get along, others try to run the show, and many of them can’t help but complain about the dress they’re wearing, the amount of money they’re spending, etc. If you can eliminate all the stress by shrinking the size of your bridal party, literally and figuratively, then you’ll probably be so much happier. As long as you can offer them chicken fingers to feast on, and a festive set of wheels to ride in (what kid doesn’t feel super special riding in a limo? Or, if you’re royalty, a vintage Rolls-Royce), they’re good to go 👌.

They’ll ensure your photos are young and free

Okay, we seriously weren’t prepared for wedding portraits that weren’t at least a little stuffy… they are royals, after all. But Meghan and Harry just keep surprising us with how unique and refreshing their ‘I Dos’ were - and the photos released today continue to confirm it. The pics with the kids are posed and formal, but still have incredible, youthful energy about them. And, of course, you don’t want chaos happening with children in the picture, but if you can hire a photographer who has kids, or knows how to work with them, you’ll get snapshots that are so fun. I remember a few photos from my own wedding, with me and my husband dancing around in circles with a few little princesses, and the shots were priceless. Only kids can infuse the day with those kinds of unrestrained, untethered vibes. And they’re awesome!

Prince George at Royal WeddingPhoto Credit:

They’ll make sure the dance floor is always poppin’

Alright, so we’ve heard from a few sources that Megs and her man had guests dancing from dusk till dawn - no, really, George Clooney was apparently tearing it up. But sometimes the wedding reception can get a little lame, with guests sticking to their tables, eating and drinking and forgetting that the band was booked to ensure their good time. Having kids a little jacked up on shirley temples and an extended bed time can guarantee that the dance floor is lit up and leagues away from boring. There’s nothing like having a rager started by a few kiddos who got the green light to get the party hoppin'. And yes, meltdowns can happen, but more often than not, their presence can only serve to help keep the reception rockin.

They’ll help keep costs low!

Not really a problem when you have the budget of a blue blood, but for everyone else, having little ones as guests at your wedding impacts your overall nuptials budget even less than their adult counterparts. Couples typically pay ½ or ¾ of the per plate cost for their venue for any under-21-year-old guests. So, set up a kids’ table, include some form of entertainment (coloring books, puzzles, etc.; though, as per the above, they’re sure to be getting down on the DF), and let them indulge in mocktails and meals (finger food FTW) in celebration of your marriage. Hey! There were some people at my own wedding who I would have rather traded for a child to take their place….

Cover photo of Princess Charlotte courtesy of @kensingtonroyal

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