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custom rose gold engagement ring

Have you visited a billion websites, roamed countless jewelry shops and nothing feels like you. Well.. then Rhodes Wedding Co. is for you. They create unique, one of a kind, handmade engagement rings and wedding bands for the discerning bride and groom.

Perry and Jessy, the artists behind Rhodes Wedding Co. believe that there is an intimacy to creating engagement rings and wedding bands. They deeply believe that your unique story should live in each hand crafted piece. Your one of a kind love is more than a mass produced piece of metal. Making each piece in love, with love and for love. Scroll down to see sample of a few of our favorite Rhodes Wedding Co. rings. You can see their entire selection here

unique and magical engagement ring from Rhodes Wedding Co.

perry and jessy's process

Perry and Jessy take the time to get to know each couple they work with in order to create an heirloom for them to pass down through generations. Couples, often speechless upon receiving their piece, search for the right words to express their love, and their words of excitement and gratitude inspires Rhodes to keep carving, to keep telling stories and to keep creating. Read on to hear a few words from a few of their past clients ...

dramatic, handmade and unique engagement ring form Rhodes Wedding Co.

Hammered rose gold wedding band for the Groom

" Rhodes Wedding Co. took pieces of an idea that were scattered in my brain and put together a pair of rings that are more beautiful than I ever could have anticipated. I cannot express in words the joy on my wife's face when she first set eyes on her ring. Thank you two so much for working with us and crafting such a beautiful story. " - Reed" Working with Rhodes Wedding Co. has been a dream come true for my wife and I. There is not another designer out there who matches what they bring to their work. Not only did they create the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen, they created a love story around the stone and us as a couple. They involved me in the process the entire time and explained the significance of each and every detail by informing me of the meaning of the stone as well as its union with the band. " - Jess "I feel so blessed to have received this ring from Rhodes Wedding Co. Jessy and Perry have turned emotions and memories into a band of gold. They figured both of us out without even meeting us. They understand people. Their love for each other and what they produce is like no other." - Chelsey

A close-up of the Rhodes Wedding Co.2 piece engagement ring + wedding band

" We just received the ring and we love it! Its exactly what we wanted. Thanks for putting in the hard work and effort in all the details - it makes planning a wedding, and also spending a lot of money on a wedding, so much more exciting when you receive things like that. So grateful that I found you guys! " - Sarah

his and hers handmade engagement rings

" I am in awe at how special and beautiful our wedding bands have turned out! So much time and love went into creating these unique, custom-designed, handcrafted gems. I especially adore the engraved initials in the band. My band has his initials with an anchor, and his band has my initials with a pair of wings. Thank you Rhodes Wedding Co. I could never have imagined a more meaningful way to symbolize our love! " - Joannah

Unique and handmade wedding band for the groom from Rhodes Wedding Co.

Horseshoe wedding band for the groom from Rhodes Wedding Co.

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