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Hand Carved Wedding Stamps

Caitlyn and Chris' Personalized Wedding Stationary

Caitlyn and Chris used these hand-carved rubber stamps for their elegant and geek-themed wedding. The stamps add so much personality to a beautiful traditional wedding!
Above is a stamp of House Lannister Sigil from Game of Thrones available here. More stamps including House Stark Sigil and House Targaryen Sigil are also made to order.

Caitlyn and Chris' personalized wedding stationary

Except for the geekery stamps, they also used a personalized wedding stamp with their names and wedding date to print on the little fans for guests.

Caitlyn and Chris' personalized wedding stationary

All the stamps are handmade in Stockholm, Sweden and are available on my site, "this is just to say" stamps. I ship worldwide and I would love to work with you to create personalized stamps for your wedding stationary:)
You can find my contact information below and get in touch to get started on your personalized and handmade wedding.

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