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H&M’s New Wedding Shop Is Everything We Could Ever Want


H&M Wedding Shop

With Easter right around the corner, our latest musings have been impacted by a lottttt of pastel, and we don’t mind it. The millennial pink, lemon sherbet, mint green, cornflower blue, and lilac palette is super pretty (especially as it’s influencing a hot new rainbow wedding trend). H&M thinks so, too, in the wake of its wedding shop launch, which is totally adorable and hella affordable. Two things every person wants to hear after learning how much it costs to be a bridesmaid this year (let alone how much it costs to actually get married).

Anyhow, the famous fast fashion retailer has been making waves in the wedding world for awhile now, unveiling its first bridal collection a few years back. But this Spring, the brand is expanding its offerings, with a bunch new styles, silhouettes, accessories, shoes and cosmetics “specifically designed for brides, bridesmaids and those blessed with loving invitations.”

H&M Wedding Pink Bridesmaid Dress

We’re obsessed with the punch pink options for bridesmaids, the long wrap dress is ah-maze. But what really has us amped are the picks for the bride-to-be. Yes, there are a few white lace loves, great for brides on the hunt for dresses under $400, but we’re even crazier about the choices for all your pre-wedding events.

From the engagement party to the first day of your honeymoon, the H&M Wedding Shop has something perf for it all. 

H&M Wedding Shop

Enviable E-Party Ensem
Satin and lace camis, worn with tailored jackets and crop pants for an edgy engagement party look. Thank you, Sophie Turner, for that lesson. Works for the bachelorette, too…

H&M Wedding Shop

LWDs for Your Shower and Rehearsal Dinners

Short, sleeved lace looks for your bridal brunch, and a midi ruffle-trimmed mesh dress for your rehearsal dinner - tulle and decorative ruffles bring ALL the femininity.

H&M Wedding Shop

#SomethingBlue for Your Post-Wedding Breakfast

Who says you need to rush the something blue for your wedding day? We like saving it for the next day. As in a dusky blue satin top paired with cigarette-style slacks. So. Good.

H&M Wedding Shop

An Extra AF Patterned Top to Board the Plane

Replace your #wifey tee with something a little louder, you’re a newlywed now… if you’re traveling in the spring, rock a two-piece rose-patterned peplum top and coordinating tapered dress pants. Too much? Denim works, too. Either way, your hoodie and yoga pants will never see it coming ✌️

H&M Wedding Shop

Almost all of the merch is marked ‘online exclusive,’ so you can’t exactly run to the mall and try things on right away. But you can spend your lunch hour adding things to your cart. Just be careful with your clicks; everything is under $250, but a whole lot of under $99 buys quickly adds up…

Visit the wedding shop to see everything in stock, this was just to get you started. They have shoes. And super-sassy statement stuff, too!

H&M Wedding Shop

((OH, and don’t forget, they also have bridal lingerie. So, if you need anything last-minute to fit under your dress or pack for your lust-worthy sojourn, you are good to gooooo))

H&M Bridal Lingerie

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