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Guess What? Vow Renewals Can Happen At Any Time

Guess What? Vow Renewals Can Happen At Any Time Photo Credit:

I’m still recovering from last night’s BIP pre-finale episode - John Paul Jones and Tayshia saying goodbye to each other legit broke my heart. I love him. Like, so much. Thankfully, though, some other Bachelor nation news was here for me, in my time of need, and it involved Arie Luyendyk Jr., Lauren Burnham, and their adorable little baby girl, Alessi (seeing every picture these parents post of this presh peanut makes me so excited to have my own little girl in just about a month!!).

Eight months ago, this pair got married - at one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii - and they’ve been living the newlywed life ever since, with a sidekick joining their squad in late May. Now, granted, most couples hold off until 5, 10, 20 years post-wedding to renew their vows, but Arie and Lauren aren’t most couples. Nope, they felt like doing it their way, and they did... With the help of Montell Jordan (yes, the This Is How We Do It legend), A Little White Wedding Chapel, and a pink caddy that was beyond classic. 

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We don’t have too many details, because the "For the Love of Larie" YouTubers haven’t posted the video highlights to their channel yet -- coming later today, apparently -- but from the handful of photos that have hit the Gram, it looks like the renewal was rad. From Lauren’s high-slit, metallic glittered, showgirl-sorta dress, to Arie’s white tuxedo jacket and matching kicks, these two have just continued to solidify their status as ‘mom and dad,’ but the cool, funny, we don’t take ourselves too seriously type.

Obsessed with them.

In any case, while we wait for more on the Sin City-renewed ‘I Dos,’ we thought we’d consider just a few reasons why Arie and Lauren aren’t wrong for whipping out wedding round 2 so soon.

The family wasn’t complete yet

Lauren was barely beyond her first trimester when she and Arie tied the knot in January, so, yes, they technically had their baby girl on-board for the big day - but she couldn’t pose for pics. If you and your partner find out you’re expecting a little one, but already have plans for your wedding day underway, we can TOTALLY understand the desire to do it again, and not too far into the future, either.

The wedding they had was everything, but they did consider an alter ego for the altar

In Lauren’s Insta caption, she shared “We always joked about ditching our plans for the first wedding and eloping in Vegas so we thought, what the heck, why not have both?” And we’re kind of in total agreement. Whether your wedding was and will forever be your best day ever or a day that was great, but not 100p your cup of tea (for reasons including pleasing parents, having to ditch modern vibes for tradition, or needing to push the date up to make sure a sick relative or friend could make it - or other extenuating circumstances), being able to indulge ALL of your nuptial desires is never a bad thing. #noregrets

They’re in love, so what else matters?

Just following up on that “no regrets” thing: vow renewals don’t have a timeline or statute of limitations to adhere to. At all. In the last year, Arie and Lauren have walked into so many new life cycles together, and it’s obvi brought them closer together, strengthened their relationship, layered on new obstacles, but, overall, made them truly permanent partners. If they wanted to celebrate all of this, then f*** yes, they should!! Taking opportunities throughout your marriage, to appreciate each other, cherish your coupleship, and embrace new challenges head on is so important and healthy. So, if you’re feeling especially lovestruck and want to breathe new life into your vows, your promises to your other half, then do it!! You don’t need permission.

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