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Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest Dreams


Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest DreamsThe gown:

The very ethos of the last 10 or so years in weddings has been the idea of personalization and couples making their big days pure reflections of themselves. So, why shouldn't the fashion follow that format, in a way where brides can wear something embodying all sides of their personality in one, truly insane gown? Well, Grace Loves Lace, our Australian forever bridal crush, has actually done it with a new collection of dresses dubbed “Coco Loco.” You shouldn’t have to leave any part of yourself unsatisfied when you get married, so this transcendent range of wedding looks just won’t allow it. Keep reading or at the very least let these playful AF photos do all the persuading!

The muse

Titled Coco Loco, the collection features eight signature gowns, three veils, and five accessories. It’s inspired by Founder and Creative Director Megan Ziems’ decade of working with brides and the dilemma every woman faces when choosing ‘the one' for her wedding dress.

“Since I founded GRACE ten years ago, I’ve spent years watching women in their dress appointments being torn between the classic, sophisticated gown, and the fun, sexy gown. I thought to myself, what if the dress could represent all sides of our personality? The fun and the serious, the sexy and the conservative, the adventurous and the classic, the soft and the bold, the calm and the crazy. And so, that’s exactly what Coco Loco does,” explains Ziems. The collection was designed and created for all women, in all moods, at all stages, and of all types of style, shape, and size. Coco is for the cool, calm, and collected, Loco is for the wild, fun, and free. “I think it’s so important for women to feel liberated and true to themselves on their wedding day,” said Ziems.

“This collection is all about being true to ourselves, true to embracing life and all the complexities that come with it. We know that our brides are ready to have fun, and we want to make them feel extra beautiful whilst doing it, in the truest way possible,” said Ziems.

And there you have it. 

Dresses that amuse all parts of our person and truly honor every one of our dispositions. If ever there was a time to use the word “true” it’s on your wedding day when true love conquers all!

Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest DreamsThe gown:

The dresses

The eight-piece lineup pays tribute to the kinds of photos every couple wants to have at the end of their wedding day, a mix of formal and a mix of fun. Because it’s the formal ones that make you remember how special of an occasion the event really was, how sacred and sublime; but it’s the fun ones that have you flashing back to every single feeling you had on that day—from excitement and elation to pride and prowess. You’ll look back on them both with love and appreciate how complete the documentation of your day was, just like you’ll slip into one of these dresses and know that all of your dreams and desires, wishes and whims were taken care of. Thoughtful and intentional.

The newness

Coco Loco features all new silhouettes, highly-anticipated and unique fabric combinations, and of course new lace, exclusive to the Australian-made brand. Like its name suggests, the highly visual new Mirror Lace consists of bold geometric shapes and is impossibly intricate, giving the illusion of beading without the discomfort and heaviness that often comes with a beaded gown. Designed and developed in-house, the Mirror Lace joins the expert arsenal of fabrics within the collection, including GRACE’s best-selling Crepe de Chine silk, silk chiffon, embroideries, and stretch crepe.

Everything mainline has been hand-crafted using elevated finishes and sophisticated detailing from the inside out. With internal construction that offers support and security to geometric trims and hand-placed lace panels, every gown is a true work of art that provides complementary and luxurious comfort.

Each of these eight represents liberated luxury that you can have fun in. #VIBE.


Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest Dreams

Hand draped, luxurious double-layered 30 momme Crepe de Chine silk is cut on the bias and expertly engineered to create a truly unique and elevated silk gown. It drapes around the body like liquid gold and celebrates your shape. The gathered bust, double layer split skirt, and statement straight neckline are flattering and comfortable, while the adjustable open back is versatile and functional. The openness and drape of the skirt allows for free movement and the opportunity to show off some beautiful heels.

She is such a vision that the designers paired her with her own veil, the Truly Madly Deeply. OMG it’s such a statement.


Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest Dreams

This highly visual gown is handcrafted from a lace that contours the body for maximum impact. Chelo’s intricate geometric trims add detail and the illusion of structure, while providing comfort and function. The curved lines in the mirror lace accentuate the bust and bottom, yaaas. Chelo’s dipped waist trim elongates the torso and her curved skirt panels work to shape the hips and elongate the legs – an artisanal style that uses the body as a canvas. With hand-placed lace panels creating a ‘visual illusion’ on the body – Chelo is flattering, fun and oozes confidence, everything GRACE is about.

She, too, has a soulmate in the minimal, yet oh-so-complex Chelo Veil.


Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest Dreams

Combining mirror lace and GRACE’s luxurious 30 momme Crepe de Chine silk, Liliana champions contrast. Her bodice is mindfully constructed with Italian tulle straps that create the illusion of a ‘floating bodice,’ while offering support and functionality. Liliana’s bias skirt skims the hips and flares out towards the hem, creating an hourglass silhouette that is perfect for dancing the night away. Liliana’s intricate lace placement emphasizes the bust while creating the effect of a defined waist. Offered with two lining options, chai and ivory, you can customize your look with Liliana’s complimentary detachable armbands – an effortless way to take your look from ceremony to reception.​ 


Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest Dreams

Timeless sophistication meets rock ‘n roll with the Margot gown. Handmade from GRACE’s iconic buttery-soft stretch crepe, Margot is supportive, sleek, and ultimately chic. Her column silhouette is paired with a high neckline and low open back to accentuate your best features. Margot’s back wing straps ensure security and polish for ultimate movement and danceability, complemented by a high side split for added personality. She’s clever as the devil and twice as pretty.


Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest Dreams

With her elegant off-the-shoulder neckline, Mila’s simple yet striking silhouette is cut from signature and decadent stretch crepe, which supports and sculpts the body without feeling restricting. Her nipped-in, defined waist and flared skirt creates an hourglass shape, while the internal construction works to create a secure and supportive fit. Finished with cascading satin-covered buttons and a train that delicately sweeps the floor, Mila is effortlessly chic with moments of outright decadence.


Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest Dreams

Handmade from a mirror stretch lace, Nathalia is a visionary gown loaded with elegance. The artfully-placed lace panels give the illusion of structure, expertly working to contour and flatter the body. The off-the-shoulder neckline is chic and refined, proportioned perfectly by the closed-in button-up back detail. The ornate fresh water (detachable) pearl hand pieces add extra substance and character to this truly unique gown. Her intricate trims and paneling add detail, while the invisible internal construction offers hidden support and security.


Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest Dreams

A celebration of the female form, Olive pairs together a refined, classic silhouette with GRACE’s signature bold, stretch lace. After years of requests from brides, Olive manifests a flattering, fitted V-neck gown that is comfortable, functional, and brimming with sophistication. With a statement low V-neckline, bottom ruching, and meticulously-placed panels and seams, Olive contours and flatters the shape of the body. The abstract three-dimensional lace with a luminous pearlescent thread gives the illusion of being dipped in lace—character and passion for the win.


Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest Dreams

Designed to envelope the body in luxury and celebrate the skin you’re in, Sofia features the best elements of GRACE’s Iconic Clo gown (visually-bold lace with a delicate eyelash trim) with a stunning front side split. Sofia’s flattering cut and exceptional fit is designed to complement all figures, finished with delicate stretch spaghetti straps for ease and comfort. Sofia’s skirt skims the hips and allows you to dance freely, making her easy to wear and statement-making. Fun, feminine, and bold, she’s cute with a little bit of deviance hidden underneath.

Major "More" Moments

In addition to the new gowns, Grace Loves Lace is also unveiling a tight, yet totally tandem edit of accessories – including veils, headbands, and earrings to round out the collection. The brand has partnered with fellow Aussie brand Maison Roe to include three statement earrings that complement every gown. 

Grace Loves Lace’s New Coco Loco Collection Realizes Every Bride’s Wildest DreamsThe Earrings:

Start shopping the brand-new Coco Loco Collection on Grace Loves Lace right now! We’re cuckoo crazy for ALL of it…


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