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Grace and Ken's Northern California Half Dome Hiking Proposal

Half Dome Proposal

Are you enjoying these proposal stories as much as we are? Be sure to see them all here!  If you want a striking engagement pose like this couple check out these 20 amazing engagement poses. Read on for Grace's proposal story.

Half Dome Proposal

Take a hike

My brother-in-law knew someone who was lucky enough to get a permit to hike Half Dome. The hike is about 14 miles round trip (or maybe 16?) with an ending elevation of almost 9,000 ft. The weather was perfect because it had rained the day before so there were CLEAR skies the day of the hike and it wasn't hot at all. We started the hike at around 4:00am and finished around 6:00pm. The hike up is challenging, but the hike down is even worse. I could tell Ken was acting strange the entire hike up. He didn't really talk to me and it seemed like a lot was on his mind. 

When we finally reached the top of half dome, we all took turns taking picture at the ledge. When it was our turn, Ken and I were posing for the camera and then as I turned, he was on his knee with a ring box. And of course I said Yes and everyone around us were cheering. Funny part was that the ring didn't even fit me! My fingers were so swollen from the elevation. I had to put it on my pinky. Hah. The proposal pictures came out perfect.