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Good Vibes Only Bohemian Bridal Shower with Flower Crown Bar


Boho bridal shower look

Good vibes only at this gorgeous bohemian bridal shower at The Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. Jade, the bride-to-be chose to have a beautiful outdoor shower in celebration of love, laughter and friendship. Her boho decor featured hanging dreamcatchers, a fun peacock chair and an adorable "crown yo self" flower crown bar for all to enjoy.

We love how festive and fun it all turned out! If you’re in need of some amazing bridal shower ideas then keep scrolling, plus check out the full gallery for a closer look at Jade’s boho shower captured by Denise Karis Photography.

Boho bridal shower invite

Love this bridal shower lookBridal shower flower crown idea

bright sunny day at the Farm

From Denise Karis Photography: Jade designed a bohemian style bridal shower at The Farm at South Mountain. She asked her guests to dress in their boho best to match the aesthetic and everyone obliged. The Farm is a local favorite in Phoenix , a real working farm with boutique shops and three gourmet restaurants. The Farm provided fresh fruit, a variety of quiche, pastries and mimosas for the menu and it was delicious. The shower was set under the pecan trees in the grove on a bright and sunny day.

Bridal shower outfit idea

Flower crown tableGood vibes only signFlower crown bar

Crown yo self bar

Crown yo self

Under a tree lined with dream catchers, the bride had setup a flower crown bar so each guest could create their own crown. After everyone ate, Jade introduced her nine bridesmaids to us. Each girl received a photo of the two of them and a small speech... "We met in college" "we were roommates" "I've known her forever" "She's my style guru, my sister, my soul mate" and they all ended with "And she's my best friend." Jade then asked everyone to go around and introduce themselves so we would all get to know each other better and become friends before the wedding.

Bridal shower signBridal shower menu

Mimosa bar

Boho bridal shower decor

Getting married sign idea for a bridal showerDream catchers

Floral & fabric backdrop

One-on-one gift opening idea

Jade had a small area setup with a beautiful peacock chair and a pillow adorned bench where she could sit and welcome her guests as they came and open their gift one-on-one. It was a sweet way to make sure each guest had a few moments to chat with her as she welcomed them and thanked them. It created an intimate setting so that Jade could spend time with her guests instead of spending a large portion of her shower opening gifts in front of everyone.

Adorable bohemian bridal showerCute gift for the bride-to-be

Love this boho bridal shower

Married AF bridal shower gift

Beautiful boho bridal shower

True celebration of friendship

Jade's shower was incredibly sweet and personal. I love Jade's approach and how she made it more about her guests, her tribe, than about anything else. It was a true celebration of friendship... for the women of her heart and sharing this happy and wonderful time in her life with them.

Lovely ladies at this boho bridal shower

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