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Glamorous Engagement Session

glamorous engagement with corvette

Stephyn is a wedding planner herself, owner of Southern Charm Events, and now it's her turn to be a bride. She and Ronnie are planning New Year's Eve nuptials so she wanted an engagement session that was fitting for the party. Stephyn sees lots of engagement sessions as part of her work, and knew she wanted to capture their love for each other and their love for the city in a memorable way.

Stephyn chose Sheradee Hurst Photography for her glamorous engagement session due to her distinct style in film photography. See all the fruits of their labor in the full gallery here. Stephyn's wedding colors are black, white, and emerald green, so she chose those as the color palette for the rooftop formal portion of the shoot.

artichoke flower arrangement

champagne engagement drinks

cute rooftop engagement session

Modern Rooftop Engagement

The sleek white leather couch and other modern rentals from Marianne's literally set the stage on the rooftop of a parking lot in downtown Oklahoma City. Tony Foss selected unusual floral with modern lines and contrasting combinations like artichoke paired with a tropical leaf for a modern element of surprise. Stephyn wore exclusively Kendra Scott jewelry throughout the shoot. Ronnie's looks were created with pieces from Spencer Stone, a local high end designer in Oklahoma City.

white engagement outfits

engagement outfit idea

Change Up Your Outfits

After the formal rooftop, the two changed into a more casual look in the streets of downtown finally ending the shoot on the famous Sky Bridge in Oklahoma City, with another iconic landmark, The Devon Tower, in the background.

oklahoma sky bridge engagement

blue and white engagement outfits

blue bridge engagement

Do It Your Style, Your Way

Amy Cakes created gorgeous macarons with hand written messages and hand designed watercolor to commemorate their date and style. The black and white cupcakes with a a touch of green rock candy on top were the perfect glam touch to the modern shoot. From the formal champagne toast over the city with their corvette to the Oklahoma City Thunder blue wardrobe on the Sky Bridge, these two incorporated everything they love, but most importantly, each other.

brushed engagement macarons

Read on to see how this cute couple met and how he popped the question (trust us it's good)!

How We Met

Ronnie and I met almost three years ago. I had just moved back to Oklahoma from Dallas, TX and was house shopping with my mother. At the time my mom was a realtor, but we were bumping heads while trying to find the perfect house. It just so happens that my Mom and Ronnie, who happen to be a realtor as well, were friends. I spent three weeks with Ronnie just going around looking at different homes. After a long three weeks of looking, I found the perfect home to build. At the time, it hadn’t crossed my mind that I had just met my true love and best friend. Ronnie and I had gone to do a final look at the house and he asked if I had any plans the remainder of the day, if not, would I like to join him at a pool party. It just so happens, the night before I was out to dinner with one of my girl friends and we made a bet that the next guy to ask us out we would have to say “yes.” Who would have thought that the next day it would happen? I said YES! We have been together on this wonderful adventure ever since!

How He Asked

Ronnie and I love to travel and throughout the years we have been to some amazing places! Almost all of our trips I end up saying, “That would have been a fun vacation to POP the QUESTION.” But Ronnie always says,” Get that out of your head, it will never happen on a vacation.”
This past Christmas we decided to go to Hawaii with my family. It never crossed my mind that this would be that vacation he would ask me to be his wife. On the day he popped the question, we decide to rent Harley bikes and sight see different Beaches in Hawaii.
Our third stop, The Blow Hole Point, is one of my favorite beaches in Hawaii. We were all checking out the beautiful scenery when I noticed that Ronnie walked away to see the Blow Hole from a different angle. When I turned around Ronnie was holding the ring over the ledge when he asked me to marry him in same location where the first love scene in the movie Here to Eternity was filmed.

PhotographersSheradee Hurst Photography
Cakes & CateringAmy Cakes
Coordinators & StylistsSouthern Charm Events
FlowersTony Foss Flowers
Groom & His MenSpencer Stone
JewelryKendra Scott
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