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Get White Teeth for Your Wedding

Get White Teeth for Your Wedding @weddingchicks

You know what would be awesome (especially during your wedding): to look amazing in your dress, have fantastic hair and most of all have white teeth like the couple above. We can only wish our teeth looked like theirs, but we can almost guarantee they had their teeth professionally whitened in order to make their smile look as stunning as they do. We know you can do it. Here are six things that you can start doing now to get white teeth for your wedding.

tips to whiter teeth

1. Brush your teeth each time after you eat.
2. Stay away from foods with dark pigments. Think: dark sauces and blackberries.
3. Drink with straw: we know that you cannot give up your beloved coffee, tea and energy drinks so try as much as you can to use a straw.
4. Change out your toothbrush (or brush head if you use a power toothbrush) every 3 months. As soon as you see those bristles bent it is time to replace your toothbrush. If it is bent, it is no longer scraping your quinoa salad off your teeth.
5. Try not to eat oranges. If you do be sure to rinse your mouth out after. That acid can rip away all your hard efforts.
6. Consult a dental professional and ask about how you can use Philips Zoom to get your teeth professionally whitened. This is a key step - trust us we have had our teeth whitened and let's just say you can totally tell.

Philips Zoom is a great option because it offers the most safe and effective treatments to whiten your teeth. And there’s an option for everyone – whether that means getting a Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed treatment in one 45-minute appointment at the dentist (it can whiten teeth up to eight shades!), obtaining customized Philips Zoom Take-Home trays from the dentist for at-home application or adding a Philips Zoom QuickPro treatment (which can whiten teeth up to four shades in just a few minutes) onto a regular check-up. Lots of options to make sure your teeth look their very best for your special day! Click here to easily find a nearby dentist.

Get White Teeth for Your Wedding @weddingchicks

keep your teeth white

After all the effort you put into making your teeth as pretty as ever, you can use Philips Zoom Whitening Pens to keep them looking their best.  They are great for touch-ups to ensure your smile stays bright white between treatments. With just two applications per day, it is great for light stain removal and touch-ups, and can deliver optimal results in 15 days. By following these few simple tips, you are on your way to looking just as good as Courtney and Cameron did at their wedding. See their entire wedding here all photographed by Priscila Valentina Photography.

Get White Teeth for Your Wedding @weddingchicks

Wedding Photographer: Priscila Valentina Photography Featured Wedding: See more of this couples wedding here