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Galia Lahav’s Alegria Couture Collection

Galia Lahav Nissa Front

I can’t say I’ve ever been to Portugal, but my best friend went last summer, and I spent quite some time stalking all her pics. It’s a beautiful, breathtaking place, and makes me forever jealous of all her cool travels. But my envy can be saved for another day, because today I’m getting ALL the pretty Portugal vibes in [bridal] fashion form. Galia Lahav’s latest couture collection, Alegria, was inspired by the country’s beautiful landmarks and palaces, and the dresses are dripping with enticing romance and rich traditions. There is truly no better way to describe a bride on her wedding day, other than blissfully happy; so, with an Alegria gown wrapped around her, she’ll be one step closer to absolute nuptials nirvana.

The muse 

Portrayed by a vision of Latin Royalty, the Alegria collection depicts a regal Portuguese wedding emphasized through movements in the flow of each dress, rich embroidery, and lavish long trains. To enhance the romantic nature and admiration of the feminine body, the collection introduces new complimenting necklines and is designed with beaded and shimmery fabrics made of lace, tulle and silk. 

Reminiscent of the azulejos (Portuguese painted ceramic tilework), the color palette is bold of silver, blush and dusty rose that completes the romantic native touch of this collection.

Galia Lahav Nevis Front

The highlights

I’m consistently blown away by Galia Lahav, season after season, so I’m hardly impartial when it comes to my thoughts on this new collection. It’s all gorgeous, like beyond-beautiful, but I definitely have some favorites. So, while I gush about the 5 best ((in my eyes)) gowns in this group, make sure you take a peek at the entire gallery of looks. Because they deserve all the admiration+adoration in the worldddd.

❤️= what we love about each, specifically


Galia Lahav Amani Front

A glamorous fitted mermaid dress with a plunging V neckline and a drop low back. This dress is made of delicately-embroidered French lace with scalloped motif accents styled throughout and features a silver and ivory hand-embroidered strap detail transcending the neckline. 

❤️Obvi the neckline, but it’s also recommended to be worn with the Calista overskirt, which is so celestially-inspired with caviar sparkle tulle ((sounds amazing, right??))


Galia Lahav Bellina Closeup

A dramatic ballerina ballgown made of pleated silk tulle in shades of ivory and blush, the Bellina accentuates at the chest with an embroidered embellishment and wrap around off-the-shoulder sleeve design. 

❤️ We’re always into the ballerina aesthetic (and any alternating palettes of pink and white), but the ethereal and frothy, floaty effect of this dress is just so center stage-worthy. The pleated silk tulle has so much texture and dimension, and the draping at the bodice is angelic and effortless. Almost birdlike! Also love how the undersleeves extend all the way down to the bride’s fingertips - so fashiony! 


Galia Lahav Estelle Back

A sheer mermaid dress made entirely of sparkly beaded fishnet with intimate beaded fringe details and hand-embroidered floral accents. This sensual dress offers a plunging V neckline, drop low back and detachable sleeves.

❤️ Ohhh beaded fringe, be still our hearts! And that plunging back is even more TDF than the front. Also, how fitting for a mermaid dress to be confectioned out of beaded fishnet? It’s truly poetic and siren-like. 


Galia Lahav Querida Front

A voluminous ballgown featuring a plunging V corset top with sheer cutouts, this unique blush dress is made of silk tulle with embroidered appliqués throughout.

❤️ There is seriously nothing cooler than a princess silhouette with ribcage-baring cutouts. It’s a blend of fierce+feminine ((telllll us the bodice doesn't look like butterfly wings?)) and the lace floral appliqués on the skirt add such a fairytale flair.


Galia Lahav Solange Front

A sparky off-the-shoulder ballgown featuring a deep V corset top made of delicate embroidered French lace. The skirt is made of embroidered tulle with small 3D silk petal motifs.

❤️ Again, this type of neckline is 🔥((reminds us of a bridal-tweaked flamenco dress, TBH)), but we’re really into the phenomenally-detailed bodice and the 3D appliqués. And Galia Lahav invites brides to customize their couture as much as they’d like - so with a dress like this, changing the lining to blush/nude would bring an even fresher, softer, and more feminine feel.

Swipe through the entire gallery, and let us know which loved-up Latin looks you’re 👀👀👀 about.


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