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Galia Lahav Couture Spring 2015 Collection


Galia Lahav 2015 Lace Sleeved Wedding Dress

The fashion house “Galia Lahav” defines a new era of elite fashion for women through evening and bridal gowns. With over 30 years of establishment in haute couture dresses it is no wonder that Galia Lahav is a world-renowned designer with gorgeous gowns to die for.

Modern romance and the Amalfi Coast are the inspiration for the Galia Lahav Couture Spring 2015 Collection – La Dolce Vita. Perfect for the fashion forward bride, the collection if characterized by sexy silhouettes that show the body through intricately woven lace, and low backs and necklines make a bold statement. The La Dolce Vita line exudes confidence and glamour, showing off the skill and attention to detail that Galia Lahav gowns have become known for. You can see the entire collection here, and trust us, it is a must see.

Sexy backs on wedding dresses from Galia Lahav

sultry wedding gown from Galia Lahav

mermaid style wedding gown by Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav 2015 Wedding Dresses

keyhole wedding dress by Galia Lahav

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita is a love story taking place on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. With such captivating brides, LDV is a full collection representing a new generation of brides. The collection includes iridescent beads lavishly decorating the body where they are defying a new era while altering the traditional gown. This collection is inspired by open skies and the unison of two.
Through textures of vintage sun-kissed lace and endless ivory trains, there are many unique layers of textures, colors, and fabrics taking place to illustrate the love story behind the dress. Inspired by the sea, sand, and mountains of Positano, they give you old time romance and modern day silhouettes.

low back wedding gown by Galia Lahav

sexy wedding gown by Galia Lahav

Moon Struck

As the moon is the spotlight amongst the many stars in the night sky, so is the female's body when reflected within layers of lace and silk. The Moon Struck collection is a prism of black shades and shimmers of sheer textured fabric representing a midsummer nights dream.

Moon Struck elegantly takes you away to a place of serenity where body silhouettes are revealed as a revolutionary era of evening gowns are born. Rediscovering the mermaid shape of the nymphs that once roamed the oceans in Greek mythology, this is a collection like never before, elegant with movement in the night. Each gown holds the shape of the figure of a goddess. Inspired by the hot Mediterranean sun and salty blue waves in the ocean, this collection showcases a summers romance for two.

low cut sexy black dress by Galia Lahav

sexy dresses by Galia Lahav

sexy dresses by Galia Lahav

This is only a small taste of the stunning gowns that Galia Lahav creates and aren't they just gorgeous? But don't stop here, emerse yourself in all the beauty that Galia Lahav creates by following her work on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Don't forget to keep up to date on all things Galia Lahav on her news page here.

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