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Fun Holiday Drink Container Idea

Fun Holiday Drink Container Idea

Yipee! The holidays are here and it's time to get your craft on. Thanks to the fabulous creative minds at yourcloudparade, we have a series of holiday do-it-yourself projects. And ...we have to mention they are all incredibly easy!
From this fabulous squash drink container to a few holiday decor projects that will really pizzaz your party up. So stay tuned there will be more holiday crafting from yourcloudparade!

how to make a squash into a drink container

Squash Bowl Supplies-
Supplies needed:
1. large squash or pumpkin
2. masking tape
3. paint brush
4. paint (color of choice)
5. knife & carving utensils
6. drink of choice /ice & décor stuffing (we used glitter strands)
1. cut top off of squash/pumpkin (leaving top whole big enough to hold drinks)
2. carve out the inside of the squash/pumpkin
3. add masking tape to desired pattern (we did chevron-make sure tape is completely pressed down on ends)
4. paint along un-taped areas & let paint dry
5. peel tape and add any touch ups
6. add ice and décor stuffing
7. add your drinks to your squash/pumpkin bowl (can be used as a cooler to hold any kind of drink or food)

Holiday Drink Container Ideas