Frienemy Valentines Day Cards


Love your frenemys

That fateful day of hearts, candy and dewy eyed looks is fast approaching. That's right Valentine's Day is nearly here, and if you have a Love/Hate relationship with this holiday, then we here at the Wedding Chicks have the perfect FREE printable Valentine's cards for you!
Yes, these love your Frenemys Valentine's Day cards may seem abrasive at first, but they will charm just about anyone once you take a closer look.

Free Valentines Cards

youre stupid id kill you

you are nuts

Wait, what do they say?

Needing a little help deciphering these cards? Let us help, here is the list of what all six of them say:

-I'D KILL to stay best friends with YOU.
-YOU are amazing and it SUCK...s that we can't hang out everyday.
-YOU'RE the sweetest part of my life. It's SO EASY to love you.
-every time YOU'RE around I feel all kinds of crazy STUPID in love.
-I could never HATE someone as fabulous as YOU.
-YOU ARE so sexy you make me go NUTS How do you get these exclusive Wedding Chicks Valentines you ask? Just click right here and you can download and print them all off for free! So have at it WC readers, and don't say we never treated you nice.

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Free Valetine's Day Cards