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Frankly My Dear, You'll Totes Give A Damn About These Bride Shirts!

sand colored Bride Vibes Frank Regards tee

Frankly, my dear, you'll totes give a damn about these bride shirts... wait, that's not the quote. Whatever, what matters is that you know about Frank Regards bride vibes and champagne vibes shirts! We had the pleasure of receiving a few, and the pure heavenly softness that are these tees cannot be fully described! But if angels married clouds and had a litter of Snuggle teddy bears, these Frank Regards shirts would be what those laundry detergent teddy bears would wear to bed. Needless to say, we would marry these shirts if it was at all sanctioned by the government. 

But this post is about more than just our love for a soft shirt. Frank Regards is inspired by humor, honesty and humans, ... especially humans of the female variety.  So whether you are a mom, non-mom, corporate woman, stay at home woman, single woman, married woman, college woman, or fall under any other label, Frank Regards is here for women at any stage of their lives. So keep scrolling to find out what they can do for you now that you are tying the knot, and to find a special offer below!

heather black Bride Vibes Frank Regards tee

You Can't Fake Quality

Frank Regards only source products they can be 100% proud of. This tee is one of the softest you will ever own (was that not clear earlier?) This brand of t-shirt is known for its fantastic quality and will withstand machine washing and drying. (keeping it casual and easy, just the way we like it!) All t-shirts are screen-printed in the US using the highest quality inks and machinery. Need a second opinion? but of course: 

I purchased the "bride vibes" shirt for my bachelorette party, along with one of the "champagne vibes" shirts (only because I wanted both). All of my girls also purchased the "champagne vibes" shirt for my party! Everyone loved the shirts! We got tons of compliments and the best thing is, my girls can wear this shirt any time now. With shirts that says "bridesmaid" or something along those lines, they can't wear it again! I love that! The shirt is very soft! I sized up one size from my normal size since I like them a little oversized. I tucked part of my shirt into some linen shorts and it was so cute!!

champagne vibes and bride vibes Frank Regards Tees

But Online shopping is Never Reliable

Well actually... 

I was a little hesitant ordering something via Facebook but didn't have much choice since it was for a bridesmaid thing. Really thought I was going to be out the 20 dollars for my shirt. I was absolutely so pleasantly surprised with my experience. I had accidentally clicked the free pick up option. I live in WA and luckily Kelsey had taken the time to really check my order and noticed. She emailed me within 5-10 min of my order double checking that I had chosen pick up. Since it was a mistake she promptly sent an invoice for new shipping info! Was in awe of how quick it was to fix the mistake and have my shirt shipped! Received my shirt in just a few days and it fits perfect! Thank you Frank Regards for restoring my faith in online shopping!!'

So there you have it... if you don't believe us just take the word of these happy Frank Regards customers! And once you decide you really cannot live with out one of these shirts you can also get 15% off with the promo code WEDDINGCHICKS. Oh, so now you're ready to order? I see how it is. 

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