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Four Ways To Kick Up The Color In Your Wedding

Four Ways To Kick Up The Color In Your Wedding

Do you freeze when someone asks you what your favorite color is? How do you pick? there are just so many amazing colors and favorites change about as often as the wind. So why decide? 

Lunabear Studios is putting their foot down when it comes to the favoite color debate, Rainbows are the best! And here are four rad ideas for incorporating rainbows of color into your big day without going color crazy. Not enough here? Check out the full gallery there's loads more to see!

amazing bridal photo with fun rainbow background

1. Colorful Rentals! 

Instead of opting for traditional white, black, Chiavari or wood chairs, put your booties in some rental chairs that stand out! This chair is part of the inventory from local rental company Tremaine Ranch. They have lots of different shapes and colors of chairs and couches (and lots of other pieces) Choosing a bold chair for your sweetheart table can add dimension and color to your day (even if you use all white florals and linens!) 

fun and funky wedding chair idea

you want to add color to your wedding day here is howhow to add rainbows to your wedding day

wedding full of color

2. Colorful Ribbons! 

Everyone knows you can do-up your wedding day with a colorful bouquet (hi! super fan of colorful bouquets!) But depending on the season and what types of blooms you love, maybe an all-white bouquet is a better fit (for your style and budget.) Form Floral made this amazing all-white bouquet with the best greenery interlaced. Even without colorful blooms, this bouquet has dimension and movement and all the things we love in a bouquet! 

We just wanted to punch up the sass a bit so that meant it was rainbow ribbon time! Consider adding a rainbow of ribbons to your bouquet and your bridal party bouquets! You can buy reams of ribbon in different colors, widths and textures and customize the look to fit you and your day. Custom wedding details? Yes, please. 

all white wedding bouquet with rainbow bouquet ribbons

deep v wedding dress backadd rainbows to your wedding day

rainbow ribbons for your wedding bouquet


This one is pretty easy, but why wear nude shoes on your wedding day? GO BOLD! Add a colorful pump or sandal and have a party on your toes! You can show them off as much or as little as you'd like. We went with this fun pair of patterned pumps by Steve Madden. Super fun + chic. And you can get the same style of shoe for your bridesmaids either in the same pattern or a different color - so you can coordinate without matching! 

bold floral wedding shoes

bride rocking tons of color on her wedding daybold wedding shoe idea

3. Rainbow backdrop! 

Would you believe this backdrop was built with a combination of items found at the hardware store + a floral supply store? The backdrop is a huge ombre rainbow of color goodness made using colored cellophane. 

As the semi-transparent cellophane is layered the color gets darker. Layer with another color and you get a mix of the two! We built this backdrop to be pretty large - it's 12 feet long! But you can easily make a smaller (or bigger) version to use as a ceremony backdrop. Move it to the reception as a backdrop behind your sweetheart table or set it up as a photo booth backdrop! 

Adding a dash of rainbow can take a neutral venue from meh to YAASSSSS COLOR KWEEN in a snap! 

the greatest rainbow backdrop ever

how to add rainbows to your wedding dayrainbow wedding ideas

how to make your own rainbow backdrop

rainbow cellophane


Okay, honestly, there’s never enough confetti in the world. Throw it at the ceremony. Put confetti cannons on the dance floor. Throw it in photos. How can you NOT have fun while throwing and dancing in confetti?! They even make environmentally friendly confetti so you can use it outdoors without being a litterbug! 

If you love color but aren’t sure how much color you want to use on your wedding day - choose one of the above! You don’t have to do color, color everywhere. You can add touches of fun throughout your day! Make it your own and make it happy! I’m so passionate about couples adding unique and fun details to their day. And they don’t have to add a major expense to the budget. Let’s bring color to weddings and help couples have vibrant and joyful days!

wedding confettitoss it in the air

wedding confettiall white wedding flowers with rainbow ribbons and confetti

emerald green Mrs Box ring box

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