The perfect suit or tuxedo
for the perfect moment.

Generation Tux, for the moment your life changes forever.


Follow Wedding Chicks On Bloglovin


Follow Wedding Chicks On Bloglovin

While we were in Spain, we had the pleasure of meeting one of the creators of bloglovin'. Once we learned all about this hand-dandy organizational website, we have been hooked. This easy-to-use site is a way to keep up with all your favorite blogs and categorize them neatly.  Browsing through all of your favorite blogs has never been so quick. Categorize them into groups like fashion, food, weddings, decor blogs and so on.
As opposed to a traditional feed like Google Reader,  you get a title, little blurb and a small photo. You don't have to scroll through entire posts to keep up with what's going on. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. We love it so much we added the bloglovin', "+" to our social media icons in our main navigation. Join the craze and follow Wedding Chicks on bloglovin' today.

Follow Wedding Chicks On Bloglovin

Say Yes (Again)!

You have an upcoming wedding (congrats!), and Maggie Sottero has a wide range of wedding dresses in sizes 0 – 28 designed for you and your love story. Some things are just meant to be.

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