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Focus Booth, Toronto Photo Booth Rental

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Gone are the days when you hire a photographer to take pictures of guests standing in front of backdrops! Besides being bulky and taking up unnecessary manpower, it must feel so awkward posing in front of an unfamiliar person! Focus Booth believes photo booths should be around to create spontaneous, fun-filled memories, and therefore they came up with their very own version: Focus Booth, Toronto Photo Booth Rental. To amp up the hype and get everyone participating, Focus Booth created this booth with an open booth concept in mind. Looking at friends posing and laughing in front of the screen, wouldn’t you feel tempted to try it out as well! And the best thing is, you can join in their session any time! Focus Booth booths come with an eye-catching booth design, and all photos are taken with a professional use DSLR camera, with studio grade lighting to ensure the best quality pictures. Strips are printed out on the spot, and the best thing of all? Unlimited prints! No more snapping a photo of the strip just so you can keep the memories with you. Now, everyone gets a strip!
All of their accessories, including props, backdrops, and strips, are customizable to fit your event theme. Having a Halloween-themed party? Focus Booth has just the right things for you! Holding a baby shower maybe? What about a Disney-themed booth that comes with props related to famous characters! Personalized strip layouts are available, and you can add in your custom-designed logo or even a little picture, to every printed strip! If you want to take things up a notch, Focus Booth also provides beautiful scrapbooks for every copy of a strip printed. Your guests will sign and leave their messages beside the photos they’ve taken, and you get to keep these memories and flip through them whenever you want! Visit their website now and take a look at all the samples here! They look forward to seeing you at your event.

Focus Booth, Toronto photo booth rental