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Flower Girls Can Do Ultra Violet Too

Baby2B Weddings Fall 2018 Purple Tutu Dresses

Remember when Pantone announced its Color of the Year, and we all became Utra Violet obsessed? We knew the trend would translate well for the tie-the-knot world, but LBH, we really focused on the flowers, the details, the stationery, the bridesmaid dresses, the wedding cake, the jewelry, etc. All the adult things, right? Well, Baby 2B Weddings wanted to remind us that Ultra Violet has universal appeal. The wedding tutu and flower girl dress darlings just dropped their newest Fall selections, and they’ve got Ultra Violet vibes for days. Don’t underestimate a little diva dressed in purple, she’s pure magic 💜✨.

Something old, new, borrowed, blue, and purple tu-tu?

We’ve said it before, white dresses on flower girls are great, they’re expected and traditional, but we love it when brides give their little girls some creative license with the color palette situation. Tiny ones who choose Ultra Violet themselves are totally on track to trend set for the rest of their lives, but so are the brides and mamas who make the decisions, too! It takes a boss bride to allow her flower girls to shine, without worrying that they’ll steal the spotlight in their stunningly-thoughtful shades of purple.

Baby2B Weddings Tutu Dress in Plum/Eggplant

How does Baby 2B do Ultra Violet?

Beautifully and dynamically! You won’t just see purple, purple, and more purple, instead, you’ll get a prismatically-purple dress that can easily blend into any shade story for the wedding. We love how the purple can be done solidly (in the eggplant dress) or mixed with several other similar shades - plum and wine and burgundy - and the play with metallics, plum+gold or plum+silver, is so cool and on-trend, too! Not only are the dresses for the season so pretty and praised by current brides-to-be - who can’t wait to see their little princesses twirling and dancing down the aisle in these ultra-fluffy, Ultra Violet tulle tutus - they’re also loved by their littlest fashionistas.

Baby 2B Weddings Plum and Silver Tutu Dress

It was love at first sight

“I fell in love with this dress from Baby 2B Weddings and was super excited to model it for them!!” ~ Brooklyn 

And about those tutus… what’s the trick?

Baby 2B’s tutus are hand knotted and strung very tightly on ribbon for the ultimate poof effect! They have over 20 strands of tulle in every inch of their waistbands (there are five layers of tulle in each knot) and the skirts are tied on satin ribbon.

Baby 2B Weddings Plum and Gold Tutu Dress

Warning… the poof may come with squeals

“This dress is absolutely perfect! The bride squealed when my daughter put it on. We can't wait for her to wear it at their wedding day! Thank you!” 

So, Ultra Violet FTW? These flower girls certainly think so 😍. Shop the new Fall dresses now!