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Flower Crown DIY

Flower Crown

Flower crowns are a hot trend right now for the fun loving bride and a must-have for your flower girls, and we're not surprised! They are totally adorable, yet they can be an added expense if you're on a tight budget. So to help save you a few $$$, Christy from the Crowns by Christy sent us this surprisingly easy DIY flower crown tutorial captured by MSN Photography. With only a few supplies and your favorite florals, this is perfect project for all those DIY brides out there! Keep scrolling to get started.

Step 1:

Gather your supplies! You will need:

- florist wire (like this one)

- garden shears or scissors (I'm obsessing over these gold ones shown in the photo)

- craft wire ( I use this one)

- florist tape (this is optional and can be found at any hardware store or here)

- fresh flowers of your choice


Step 2:

Begn by cutting the stems of your flowers to be about 1.5 -2 inches long each, creating a pile of blooms to select from as you work.

Flower Crown DIY

Step 3:

Prepare the base of your flower crown by forming a circle with the craft wire that fits around your head. Twist the two ends together. You can cover the twisted wire with florist tape to prevent the sharp edges from scratching (optional).

Flower Crown DIY Flower Crown DIY Flower Crown DIY

Step 4:

Place your first flower against the craft wire, wrapping the two together with florist wire 2-3 ties around (no need to pull the wire to tightly as it can rip through the stem).

Flower Crown DIY GGxCBC63

Step 5:

Repeat step 4 as you add in each additional flower or small bunch of flowers, building a strand of flowers that grows in one direction. You can cover the wire each time you add a flower by placing a new bloom over the wire covered stem of the previous flower.

Flower Crown DIY

Step 6:

Complete your flower crown by repeating step 4 until your entire circle of craft wire is covered and voila!

Flower Crown DIY Flower Crown DIY

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