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Five Tips on How Not to Match Every Other Wedding Guest


Five Tips on How Not to Match Every Other Wedding Guest Photo:

Maybe #squadgoals aren’t meant for every occasion… Like when six wedding guests show up to their friend’s wedding wearing the exact same navy blue number from Forever New. Yes, we’re not joking, SIX. 

After posting a photo of the full crew, in blue, on her Facebook page, Debbie Speranza (an Australian wedding guest) spurred an incredible chain reaction. 44,000+ likes, more than 10,000 comments and an infinite number of shares poured in from people who likewise thought the incident was irony at its best and/or who wanted to ensure their friends wouldn’t go through something similar at their own upcoming events…

Gotta give it to them, these ladies sure did take the situation in stride, as did the bride, who graciously posed for pictures with the posse and couldn’t help but LOL at the hilarity of it all. Standing by were the bridesmaids, too, who also didn’t hold a grudge against the group even though they could have been seen as stealing their thunder.

Sure, the experience is funny in theory, and certainly something we’ve ALLLLL dreamed about in some capacity, but if it also sends you panicking (🙋🏻 umm yes), take our advice and also be sure to read out tips on HOW TO BE A GOOD WEDDING GUEST!

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1. Avoid big box store buys.

As evidenced by this scenario, going with something you picked up at a department store or popular fashion franchise might not be the way to go if you’re not into the whole #twinning thing. Especially if you’re shopping last minute (seriously, we’re all guilty of it), you’re liable to see something that looks cute in the shop window or mannequin in front and make a beeline to the register. Instead, go off the beaten path - maybe a quirky online boutique or, even better, a vintage thrift shop, to source something as doubtlessly stylish as it is non imitable.

2. Nix the neutrals.

If there’s one way to ensure you don’t show up to the wedding in the same dress as two, three, four, FIVE other girls, it’s to opt for a color that’s not universally loved. These women went with navy blue, which pretty much always looks good. Smart, of course, but if you’re worried about matching, then think about wearing a color that looks fabulous on you, but could clash for others. For fall weddings, it’s natural to consider neutral, autumnal colors, but for kicks it could be cool to turn out something different. Do you slay in red? Then try a rich grenadine shade. Shine in green? Then go with a shaded spruce (it’s dark teal, by the way). If you’re struggling, see what the color connoisseurs at Pantone have to say…

3. Employ a millennial or Gen Z pre-event vetting strategy.

Listen, nowadays girls can’t even prepare for their proms without joining a Facebook group and essentially ‘registering’ their gowns for their peers. No joke, they’ll post pictures of their dresses, the colors and designers, so that no one else can ‘steal their look’ for the night. Sounds a little extra, but it’s also strategic. You don’t have to get crazy with it, but it wouldn’t hurt to huddle the girls (literally or through text, email, social media) before the wedding and call dibs on what you’ll be stepping out in for the occasion. The women at this Australian affair either weren’t that close or just didn’t talk before the big day to troubleshoot their wardrobe picks. They also seemed just a LITTLE bit older, so maybe generation differences are a culprit.

4. Don’t be afraid to rock a dress you’ve already donned.

Another surefire way to avoid a similar fashion faux pas is to not shy away from wearing something you’ve worn before. Chances are, if the piece has been posted up in your closet for at least a few years, it’s not necessarily ‘novel’ anymore ((though the trends might still be 🔥🔥🔥)). You can feel confident sliding into something that you know you’ll impress in, but won’t have to stress about one of your friends or another guest showing up in the same thing.

5. Make your preferences public knowledge.

Just as celebrities align with designers that create the couture they adore --- i.e. J. Law in Dior -- you can help yourself stand out by becoming somewhat of a brand brag… If you’re the one in the group who always wears Alice + Olivia or who never goes to an event without putting on something from Adrianna Papell, then it’s likely that you won’t face any competition with your wedding guest wardrobe. Sure, you don’t have to become a walking advertisement for your favorites, but sometimes it helps to be a certain style snob…

And if all else fails, and you still don’t know what to wear to the next wedding you were invited to… just don’t wear white. Best advice.

This couple is super cute and I bet no one else had that dress.

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