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Five Things You Need To Include On Your Registry

Wedding Registry TipsRegistry Tips:

Your wedding is going to be the best party you ever throw, but it's just the beginning of the entertaining you'll be doing. Before you start actually registering, take inventory of yourselves as a couple.

You and your fiancé should factor in your lifestyle when you are registering for wedding gifts online or at your favorite store. Whether you’re outdoorsy and want to register for camping equipment at REI, love traveling and want to crowdfund for your dream honeymoon, or love to entertain, host and party, this should be reflected in your wedding registry.

If you and your spouse-to-be are known for being the life of the party, and your home has resembled Jay Gatsby’s mansion on more than one weekend, here are five items that you need to include on your registry.

Bar Cart

600210_prettybarcartBar Cart Essentials:

No party is complete without a fully-stocked bar. Registering for a rolling bar cart will ensure that your party can happen in any room of your house, or be brought outdoors if the weather permits. Your guests will appreciate the convenience and you will love how much less running around you have to do if you can just bring your liquor cabinet straight from your kitchen into your entertaining space.

Sound System

sonos-speakersPhoto Via:

Music sets the mood for any party or gathering, and can instantly take your party from an afternoon family get together to an all-nighter with friends. WiFi speakers like these allow you to change the music and volume levels from anywhere in your home from your phone. Another beauty of WiFi speakers is that your Elvis-loving uncle or friend from college who still parties like an undergrad can’t change your playlist.


arhausPhoto Via:

How many times have you been to a restaurant with “ambient lighting” and had to turn on your phone’s flashlight to read a menu? While it is nice to have a romantic candlelit dinner on Valentine’s day, that is usually not the case when you have guests over for a meal. If you want to create a centerpiece in any room and permanently elevate the style of your entertaining space, you can do so with one piece by registering for lighting fixtures.


Register for GlasswareGlassware:

While no one wants to do dishes in the middle of the night after their guests leave, any party or gathering has a distinctly more put together feeling when everyone is drinking wine out of matching glasses instead of red plastic cups. Stemware sets are expected on nearly every couple’s registry and are usually affordable and timeless enough that you and your fiancé can register for more than one set (or style) and still get regular use out of all of them.


mintarrowPhoto Via:

The worst part about any party is the damage control that comes as soon as it ends. While your guests will rave about your appetizers, playlist and hilarious stories, you and your spouse will be left with a mountain of dishes in the sink , crushed pretzels and potato chips in your area rugs, and a mystery wine stain or two on the counters. A way to ease your post-party cleanup is to invest in a good vacuum cleaner that will get your floors and seating looking like they belong in a showroom in no time.