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Five Regrets from a Real Bride

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Let's just start with some serenity above. Find some peace in this beautiful image by Lane Dittoe. Now that you've found your center have have attained inner peace, let's get real about your wedding. A bride, who would like to keep her anonymity, has shared her top five ' I WISH I would have ..."

I wish I would have made my expectations clear.
Even though I discussed everything with my vendors in detail. I WISH I would have touched base with EVERYONE for a final overview with what was expected. With so many conversations over a year, people can get confused and forget your requests ... I ended up walking down the aisle to the wrong song and it turns out the DJ was going off the wrong playlist all night! 

First and foremost, hire a wedding planner. Hiring someone experienced will pay for itself over and over. Leave the day in the hands of a professional who knows how to coordinate your wants and expectations with your vendors.

I wish I would have worn what I wanted to wear.

I totally wish I would have worn the leather jacket and boots I wanted to wear. I didn't because my mother guilt tripped me. I am who I am and I have been that way since I was three, so I wish I just would have done it. It’s easier to apologize later and all that.

Be you. Dress like you. Do what you want on your day, wear your boots or go barefoot. Whatever says YOU, do that. It's hard not to feel like you aren't pleasing you mom, but you have to please yourself and if you don't you'll regret it and resent her (or whomever you were trying to please). Check out this  bride  in a leather jacket.

I wish I would have visited every table.
I wish I would have visited every table. I wanted to make sure we had time to eat and enjoy ourselves, but even with only 100 guests, I feel like i didn't get to spend enough time with everyone. :(

On your wedding day, you are the star of the show. You float around in your gown like a celebrity and everyone is so excited to see you and talk to you. Take the time to say hello and show your appreciation for all who attended.

I wish I would have had less to drink.

Don't drink too much. Not because you will get drunk and embarrass yourself, but because it makes time FLYYYYY. I wish I had fewer drinks and REALLY taken it all in. People say the day goes by fast, but you have NO idea until it's over.

Let's just stop at "Don't drink too much." That's self explanatory. If there are family members who you fear will knock a few too many back, be an adult and express your concern and expectations before your event.

I wish I would have secured my vendors early on.

I would SQUEEZE myself for hiring lighting, video and my photo booth last minute. Memories are SOOOO important and we had a fantastic photographer, but we almost hire the others. I am SO SO SO glad that we did. As my new father-in-law says "Never have a cheap moment, you'll regret it and you often can't go back."

Sit down with your partner and decide on the vendors you'd like to hire. From photographer all the way down to calligrapher - decide on what you want together and secure everyone in plenty of time.

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