Five reasons to consider a Wedding on the Water with Hornblower NY!


Attention brides/grooms of New York and New York loving brides/grooms! If your dream is to have a breathtaking view of the Big Apple as your wedding backdrop but choosing just one location has you stumped might we suggest a bit of an alternative idea? Hornblower NY can provide you with one of their six yacht venues that are just waiting to blow you and your guests away with an ever-changing view of this iconic city as your wedding cruises around the New York Harbor!

Need an example? We just happen to have one, keep scrolling to find out about Robert and Elizabeth's Hornblower NY experience.  

This is Robert and Elizabeth two lovers of NYC

IRL Wedding Couple - Robert & Elizabeth

Robert & Elizabeth have always been in love with New York City. They live across the Hudson River in Hoboken, NJ and both of them commute to work in the Big Apple. Their mission was to make their dream wedding a reality. They wanted a venue that captured amazing views of the city they fell in love in.

Robert and Elizabeth love each other as much as they love the Big Apple

Celebrate your love of NYC with a Hornblower NY wedding cruise

Oh Ship, We're Getting Married!

They came across Hornblower NY, a venue with staff that not only attended to their every request, but also provides breathtaking views of New York City... the perfect backdrop to their nuptials. How is that possible? Hornblower's Hybrid yacht helped make their dreams come true.

Everything from decoration, furnishing to food is taken care of by Hornblower, making it a super easy process for the bride and groom. The only thing the happy couple needs to worry about is choosing their yacht (did we mention there are six to choose from?) and saying their “I Do’s.” Hornblower’s experienced and dedicated wedding planner takes care of the rest ensuring the ultimate New York City wedding experience for every single guest and memories to last a lifetime.

Thats right you and your guests can cruise around New York Harbor on your wedding dayCatch some stunning and iconic NY sites on your wedding cruise

Still needing some convincing? Man, you are one tough customer, alright here are our five reasons why you should def consider a Hornblower NY wedding!