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Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

You’ve found your perfect match and your ready to say “I Do”!  Now it’s time to find your perfect wedding venue.  I’m sure you already have a vision as to where you would like to get married, as most of us start dreaming about this since childhood.  But have you thought about the logistics?  Is the venue in your mind actually in tune with all of the rest of your visions for your special day?

Santa Fe

Photo Credit: There are many things to consider when choosing your venue.  In order to put yourself on the right track to booking a beautiful and memorable wedding venue, you must ask yourself the following questions:

1)    What is my wedding venue budget?

2)    How many guests will attend?

3)    Do I want an intimate gathering or a grand event?

4)    Do I envision a sit down dinner or buffet?

5)    Do I want my ceremony and reception at the same venue?

6)    Do I envision an indoor or outdoor venue?

7)    What is my overall wedding theme/style?

8)    Do I want to get married where I live or will it be a destination event?


Photo Credit: Preston Bailey Designs on Now that you’ve narrowed it down base on answers to the above questions, you now have to consider the following venue specifications:

1)    Does the venue have good acoustics?  You want to make sure that all guests will be able to hear the ceremony and that the music will sound perfect for dinner and dancing.

2)    If the ceremony and reception are in the same venue, how quickly can the staff turn over the event?

3)    How much time does the venue allow for set up?  In other words, how much time will your design team have to transform the venue space with your décor?

4)    Are there any design limitations/restrictions (ie are candles/open flames allowed)?

5)    Will my wedding be the only event scheduled for that particular day?  Be wary of venues that schedule multiple events in one day, unless the venue spaces are completely separate from one another.

6)     Does the venue décor mesh well with my personality and with the style of wedding I want?

7)    Is there a caterer in-house that you may use?  If not, what are the requirements for bringing in an outside caterer?

8)    Does the venue have a liquor license?  Are you able to bring in your own liquor?

9)    Does the venue provide facilities for the bridal party to get ready?

10) Are there overnight accommodations available?  If so, will there be a discount applied to room rates by booking the wedding at this venue?

11)  If the venue is outdoors, do they have a back up plan in case of bad weather?

12)  Is there a place within the venue to take pictures?  Make sure you visit the area where pictures will be taken to assure that you like it and that there is adequate lighting.


Photo Credit: By utilizing the above tips, you will be sure to find a venue that will fit your personality, your budget and your style perfectly!  For more wedding planning tips and tricks, be sure to visit our website.  Happy Planning!