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Fifty Flowers Sent Us Flowers! Want To See What We Did With Them?


oodles of flowers from Fifty Flowers

When someone sends flowers to your office your whole day brightens up! Let me tell you, that same giddy feeling came over the whole office when our boxes of flowers arrived from Fifty Flowers! Not only did their vibrant colors put a smile on all of our faces, but the whole Wedding Chicks office smelled heavenly for the rest of the day. 

No we don't have secret admirers at Fifty Flowers. (that we are aware of...) This lovely whole sale flower company was kind enough to donate all these flowers so that we could DIY a flower runner that served as a backdrop for our Shine Wedding Invitation Facebook Live! If you missed it you can watch it here. What is a flower runner? Well I am so glad you asked, if you keep scrolling you can find out more about Fifty Flowers and the beautiful Facebook Live prop they helped us create! 

Fifty Flowers sent us flowers

carefully boxed up rosesbeautiful roses sent to us from Fifty Flowerspackages with care from Fifty Flowers

Please Pardon This Gush

So, if you are a self proclaimed DIY bride (or groom, mustn't be sexist) and you haven't heard about Fifty Flowers, Allow us to blow your mind with all the flower possibilities! As a whole sale flower company, Fifty Flowers provides you with budget friendly florals for you to bring all your wedding day flower dreams to life. 

Worried about your flowers getting damaged in the mail? Fifty Flowers truly impressed us with their packing job! Not only were all the rose buds boxed up to keep them safe, several of them were even individually wrapped in packing styrofoam! We kept all the roses boxed up until we were about to create our flower runner. This insured that when it came time to photograph our lovely DIY project all the roses were at just the right stage of blooming. 

If you are interested in learning more about ordering your flowers through Fifty Flowers you can click here and start browsing their site to get tons of ideas for your big day! 

bright and cheery flowers from Fifty Flowers

red is one of our favorite colorsfeels like spring in the Wedding Chicks officefresh flowers from Fifty Flowers

Running With It

And as promised here is a look at the live flower runner we created for our Facebook Live post! These beautiful flowers made for the perfect backdrop for the Shine Wedding Invitations we were showing off. And honestly it was pretty easy to make. If you are looking to create a live flower runner for your very own here is what you'll need. 


Plenty of flowers with their stems cut off
Large sheets of poster board
Hot glue

Step 1: carefully cut each flower bud off it's stem and arrange the flowers on the poster board. 

Step 2: Once arranged, hot glue each flower to the poster board. 

This project took two of us about an hour to complete. We recommend being very careful while hot gluing the flowers as burns can and did happen. If you love this DIY project then be sure to check out even more fun do it yourself ideas for your big day by clicking here

live flower runner

flower runner diyfresh flowers from Fifty Flowers

DIY fresh flower runner

Ombre In Love

If we haven't said it yet, Fifty Flowers is amazing! We love getting a good deal, but their team doesn't just stop at finding you fresh flowers, they also have a blog with tons of floral ideas. That is where we happened to find this AH-MA-zing ombre air plant pallet DIY that would be a fabulous display for your escort cards! Click here to get the step by step instructions on how to make this yourself. 

Ombre airplant mini pallet DIY from Fifty Flowers

We Are Such Petal Pushers

Oh and did we mention that you can also order flower petals from Fifty Flowers too? They come in a multitude of colors and are a great way to add a fresh floral touch to your big day without the fuss of putting a bouquet or arrangement together. Intrigued? Click here to find even more great ideas and uses for flower petals at your wedding!

ombre flower petal aisle idea from Fifty Flowersforget confetti throw flower petals instead

freshen up your champagne bucket with flower petal ice cubes