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Fashionistas To Follow on Instagram


Fashionistas To Follow on Instagram

Summer, wedding season, and warmer weather is fast approaching. Do you know what you are going to wear to all your summer events? If you are not sure, then we highly suggest you follow our favorite fashion Instagrammers. They have all your must needed #fashioninspo.
If you missed last week we showcased our favorite Beauty Instagrammers to follow.

Spending the weekend with old friends, family and new puppies back in my home town. It's so refreshing having some peace and quiet and time away from a crazy city with all the people who mean the most ??


Why We ? Victoria. Victoria is a style, beauty, and travel blogger. She has the cutest style and great inspiration on her account. Living in London, she brings insights on Fashion week in London to which she goes to both the Spring/Summer show and the Autumn/Winter show every year. She also has a Youtube channel where she blogs about style trends she is loving at the moment, her thoughts on fashion week as well as clips of the actual shows, and whatever traveling she does. All of this put together with a beautiful Instagram account is why we love Victoria.

Hello weekend #tgif #fridayvibes

Christine Andrew

Why We ? Christine Andrew. She is adorable. Just look at this picture. If you scroll through her account you will find a close up picture of these shoes that are to die for. She has the cutest style and shows what she wears throughout everything she does. Whether that is running errands, going to an event, or taking care of her kids. In each and every photo her style is amazing and makes you wish you had her closet. She is also really good at putting together monochromatic outfits. There is a super cute post on her Instagram where she does this wearing different shades of grey and it is perfection. If you want more fashion inspiration she also has a beautiful fashion blog.

New blog post [02.24.16!] Cropped and draped ? More details on

Wendy Nguyen

Why We ? Wendy Nguyen. Her style is beautiful. This is one of our favorite looks that she has and her Instagram is full of even more fashion inspiration. She posts to Instagram about twice a day and has the cutest looks and outfits. On top of her gorgeous Instagram she also has a beautiful blog with her latest fashion post linked to her Instagram bio which makes finding fashion inspiration that much easier.

Running through the citttaaaay in my new @kendallandkylie mules! Thanks for the gift chicas! ?? Get today's outfit via #liketkit #ootd #shoegame #suedemules #happywednesday #kkspring16

Sazan Hendrix

Why We ? Sazan Hendrix.  Her style is always on point. Just look at this Instagram from earlier this week. It is AMAZING. She wears a lot of neutrals and posts daily so there is always fashion inspiration when you check her Instagram page. She, like many other fashion bloggers, also uses Like To Know It which is a website that you can link together all the pieces in your picture so that other instagrammers can click on the link and go purchase the exact outfit they are wearing. This makes it so easy to recreate her looks as well as beef up your personal wardrobe with clothing items that you know are adorable.

Wednesday's combo. ??

Sincerely Jules

Why We ? Sincerelybyjules.  She is adorable. Julie puts together the cutest outfit combos and accessories as you see in this Instagram picture above. She has her own unique style that blends with certain trends that are circling the fashion industry. Her Instagram is beautiful and has all of the outfits that she wheres day to day as well as cute pictures of what she buys and tries on when she goes shopping. Definitely an adorable fashionista to follow.

back at it again with the tan yeezys #style_withme

Marianna Hewitt

Why We ?Marianna Hewitt. She has adorable styles from shabby chic looks to fancy going out styles and perfect outfits for running errands. She has a lot of fashion inspiration all over her Instagram as well as on Youtube where she has lookbooks and style tips! In addition to Instagram and Youtube she also has a fashion blog that is full of fashion posts like what outfits to where when you go to fashion week!

New on the blog ✨ // Shop some cute LBD's ?? #liketkit

Samantha Maria

Why We ? Samantha Maria.  She has the cutest personality of all time! Like Victoria, she also lives in London therefore bringing the cutest city style to Instagram whether she is running errands or going out with friends. Her fashion blog is definitely a favorite out of all of these fashionistas on Instagram. She posts on her Instagram whenever a new blog post goes up so to stay up to date with her adorable style diary that she puts up on her blog you need to follow her Instagram! As well, she also has the cutest Youtube account which is where you will fall in love with her personality and her style through the many lookbooks and style guide videos she uploads.

Yesterday wearing all @aliceandolivia ? LOVED the vibe and looks at the A+O presentation!!! #nyfw

Ingrid Nilsen

Why We ? Ingrid Nilsen. This is what she wore to New York Fashion Week and it was adorable. She has a Youtube channel as well that incorporates all things she does in her life whether it is beauty, lifestlye vlogs, or style guides. So if you need a little extra style inspiration go check out her Youtube! Her Instagram is gorgeous and where she highlights a lot of her favorite outfits as well as her cute personality. She also has a mixture of lifestyle pictures throughout her Instagram which is nice because you can see what she is wearing day to day or currently loving.

Had such a fun day in the studio today! Thanks to the dream team @itsdanielcope @carriebrighton @angesayss @eloiseparker_mua & @hollyounstead ❤️??


Why We ? Zoella. Just look at this picture. With 7.8 million followers she is adorable and clearly the whole world knows it. Her Instagram fame is largely credited to her AMAZING Youtube channel but also to the fact that her Instagram account is full of beautiful pictures of her day to day life. Zoella made the cut for this post as a fashionista to follow on Instagram simply because she shows what she wears day to day. Her Instagram isn't like that of other fashion bloggers with post after post of clothes but instead shows what she does day to day. This is how she shows her style and makes it fun to follow her on Instagram.

Do you like this outfit? There's a new post on my blog today with the details over on in my January Style Diary post ? please go and leave it some love and don't forget to follow me on @bloglovin to keep up to date with new posts! ? #freddymylove

Freddy Cousin-Brown

Why We ? Freddy Cousin-Brown. She has the most beautiful Instagram account of all time. Literally it is gorgeous. Stop reading and go check it out and then come back and keep reading. That is how good her Instagram account is. Full of white and pink hues following this fashion blogger makes your Instagram feed GORGEOUS. She also has an adorable blog  and a Youtube channel with lots of fashion inspiration on these platforms as well.

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