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Fall In Love With These Large Wedding Decorations


Fall In Love With These Large Wedding Decorations

Your big day is not for playing small. It’s the ideal day for opulent decor–the day when bigger is better but massive is best. We’ve got a gorgeous collection of large wedding displays coming up. We’ll explore concepts such as interactive letter installations, fillable acrylic structures, and dazzling light fountains. Get ready to dream big–literally. These breathtaking features will wow your guests, show up in every picture, and create unforgettable memories. “Large decorative signs can transform any wedding venue into a magical space for photoshoots,” according to the signage installation team at Front Signs, a Los Angeles sign company. Though luxurious in appearance, they’re quite easy to organize. Without further ado, let’s take the big leap.

Acrylic Arch & Aisle for Wedding Vows

Fall In Love With These Large Wedding Decorations

Your wedding celebration justifies extravagance. Why walk down a regular aisle when you can glide over a bed of flowers beneath clear acrylic? This design can also be applied to the dance floor. Likewise, the scene of your wedding vows should come across as a heavenly postcard. Wedding arch decorations, including pillars and colonnades, made of this transparent material can frame your nuptial stage. Special tweaks in arrangement will make adornments of hanging foliage and ribbon look as if they’re floating. You can fill the clear acrylic with wedding flower decorations and lights for a glamorous effect.

Giant Letters & Marquees for Word Play

Fall in Love With These Large Wedding Decorations

The right words should be in a thousand pictures. Proclaim your love with a gigantic light bulb marquee that can serve as the centerpiece for cool photographs. If you’re aiming for a more interactive piece to boost guest experience, go with simple wedding decorations like 3D letters that people can sit and climb on if they wish. These massive words can spell anything from “love” to your new and official last names. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your matrimony. Set up two or more of these indoor or outdoor wedding decorations in various styles, colors, and texts. They’ll create cool hubs for people to gather, mingle and share special moments.

Heart Tunnel & Light Fountain for Enchantment

Fall in Love With These Large Wedding Decorations

Besides words, you’ll need showstopping pieces that are all about visuals. Heart-shaped tunnel installations and steel-frame light fountains are brilliant as outdoor wedding decorations. Metal frames formed into various shapes can be embellished with foliage for the daytime and string lights for the evening. Apply LED strips or twinkling solar luminaries on all types of sculptural works for an eco-friendly wedding flair. Exquisite displays are a must for weddings. Guests will be in awe and your photos won’t disappoint.

Ornate Backdrops for Signature Memories

Fall in Love With These Large Wedding Decorations

The wedding hall’s reception area and dance floor are popular spots for photoshoots. Feature a focal point that’s elegant without taking up too much of the attention off of the happy couple. Wall murals with wings are a beloved trend for this. You can print text in an intricate font to accent the main image. Your names framed with ornamental designs will look wonderful on a well-lit entrance wall or the center of the dance stage. Wedding hashtags are all the rage on social media so make sure you include them in your design to collect a virtual photo album. Decals and backdrops are also simple wedding decorations for elevating a virtual marriage service.

Hanging Decor & Floral Screens for Beauty

Fall in Love With These Large Wedding Decorations

Hanging flowers, decorative posts, and floral screens look even more gorgeous when encased in clear acrylic. The translucent material allows sources of light to play around your wedding flower decorations in the evening and exudes an ethereal aesthetic in the daytime. There’s no limit to creativity with this elegant decor element. Everything from your wedding stage, guest list display, cake stand, and schedule board can feature designs made of clear acrylic. They’re a great alternative to glass and a wonderful complement to any style.

Images of your grand wedding decorations will spark fond memories for years to come. As long as you tie intricate details into these large pieces, they’ll come off as tasteful and awe-inspiring. They’ll set the stage for priceless photoshoots, create gathering hotspots, and lavish your venue with splendor. Even if you plan to follow all the 2022 wedding trends, don’t forget to incorporate a focal point that’s timeless and majestic. Floating wedding arch decorations, playful letters, light installations, and acrylic pillars are a few outstanding features to make your wedding shine. We hope this collection inspires you to realize the dreamscape you’ve always envisioned for your ceremony. Don’t be afraid to go big so you can go home with an experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

We partnered with Front Signs to bring you these awesome decor ideas. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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