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Fall In Love With The Desert With This Autumnal Engagement Shoot


deep and moody engagement shoot in the desert

This Fall, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd, maybe skip the classic changing colors engagement shoot. Lindy Hickman Photography wants you to try out a little more of a moody vibe, and brings you this Autumn in the desert engagement shoot. She describes her ideas far better, so I will just let her take over.

Lindy Hickman Photography

This styled engagement shoot was inspired by the deep, moody autumn tones. While I love shoots celebrating the changing leaves, I wanted an autumn shoot that would diverge from this trend, while still conveying the warmth and richness of the season. To me, the sand dunes seemed like a very unlikely scene for this kind of shoot, but the more I thought about it, the more I determined that that is exactly why it was perfect. Sand and sunshine is generally reminiscent of Summer months, but the combination of these elements with Autumn-inspired florals, moody makeup and formal, black attire, created a wonderfully unexpected blend--conveying the fading Summer and the approach of Fall.

deep red bouquet for your fall desert engagement

engagement couple amongst some Autumn sand dunesdesert engagement shoot for your moody fall ideas

moody desert themed engagement shootautumn themed red Fall wedding bouquet

black dress engagement shoot outfit

romantic engagement shoot photo ideaboho style engagement outfits for your desert shoot

moody boho bride at her fall desert wedding

boho wicker style wedding thronemoody and chic boho style desert engagement shoot

romantic desert engagement shoot idea

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Rue De Seine
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