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Evorden Makes Engagement Rings That Ooze Originality


Evorden Aurora Opal RingRing:

Truth time: my name is Danielle, and I have an unhealthy obsession with engagement rings. They might even be my favorite part of this industry, but let’s just keep that 🤫 for now, in case any wedding dress designers might be listening ((sooo much love for them, too!!)). Anyway, I’m wedding jewelry crazy, and I love discovering new e-ring talent. So, in the spirit of super sparkly newness, I thought you’d all like to know about Evorden: a brand that probably isn’t ringing a bell for you RN, but only because it’s just celebrating its first year in business this fall.

Why we’re currently crushing

Easy. These rings are quintessentially understated, yet unbelievably chic and nonpareil. The kinds of rings that people spot from afar and can’t help but start staring at. Because they’re unlike the rest, they aren’t just big rocks mounted on pretty pavé bands; instead, they’re tiny, medium, large diamond OR nothing-like-it stones set in rose, yellow, white gold or platinum. Everything is custom, but in no way, shape or form boring and basic. While every other couple out there is customizing rings with 1+ carat white diamonds as their base, Evorden couples are starting with morganite, moissanite, aquamarine, and ALL the color sapphire-stoned sparklers and elevating from there!

Evorden Rianne RingRing:

And actually, as I sat here, trying to think about a single, all-inclusive way to categorize these stunning rings - I was inspired by how challenging that task proved to be. I couldn’t figure out a finite way to classify them, because they’re all so different. Something that any bride would be thrilled to talk up when she’s explaining how special her ring is to the people who want to know everything about it.

Why they’ve got our trust already

Oh, wait, did we forget to mention it before? Evorden is actually the jewelry sister of one of our other favorite brands, Davie & Chiyo. The cool-girl Canadian bridal design house - seen here! After three years of selling beautiful and impeccably-made engagement rings and wedding bands at Davie & Chiyo, owners and founders Alisa, Fumi, and Himi decided to build out the fine jewelry aspect of the business. In late 2017, Evorden was founded as a spot to give their rings the extra attention they deserved. And we soooo approve!!

Evorden Eva RingRing:

The boutique is based in Vancouver, BC and specializes in engagement rings, wedding bands, and a carefully-curated collection of vintage and bespoke rings. And the team confections modern collections for couples who are ethically-minded and especially turned-on by the classic beauty of a gorgeous engagement ring.

Cue up your cart, because 10 percent off is yours

From now until midnight on September 9th, Evorden is offering 10 percent off your entire order, with no minimum spend ((no.minimum.spend)). Enter ‘WEDDINGCHICKS2018’ @ checkout to make it happen!

And as for those rings…

Which of these rings is not like the others?

Evorden Daisy RingRing:

Evorden Ondine RingRing:

Evorden Briony RingRing:

Evorden Maeve RingRing:

Evorden Adah RingRing:

That was a trick question. None of these rings look anything alike, and that’s everrrrrything we love about them!!!


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We partnered with Evorden to bring these utterly unique rings to our utterly unique brides. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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