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Everett Engagement Rings Were Made for Stacking

Everett Round Pear and Oval Rose Cut Diamonds

We won’t spend too much time leading up to this brand, because you’re probably already following it on Instagram ((and if you aren’t, you should be)). Everett, you have our hearts foreverrrrett and everrrrrrett, and not just because your feed is flawless. The brand’s founder, Ali Nelson, has truly created a brand that celebrates the gorgeous fusion of East Coast chicness with West Coast whimsy and charm - and even though it’s only been around for three years, this bespoke fine jewelry line is blowing the **** up. Lots of us are married, with rings on our fingers, here at WC, but we wouldn’t mind slipping ANY ONE of these Everett e-rings on even just for a hot sec. How pretty ☝️??

Really good at rose cut

I wish there was a more eloquent way to say it, but oh well, Everett is level ‘expert’ when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind engagement rings with rose cut diamonds. You don’t see these stones quite as often as brilliant round, princess, and/or oval cuts, because the obsession with sparkle just isn’t going away, but the flower-resembling rock - with its pink-kissed hue - is truly resplendent and a perfect option for a bride with vintage guilty pleasures.

The look of the rose cut is slightly glassy, misty, and a little crystal ball-esque 🔮, definitely less blinding than some other brilliant cuts, but it’s also softer and more romantic. Pretty mesmerizing, actually. And isn’t mysticality in RN, too?

And there’s still sparkle, sillies

Ali obviously knows what she’s doing with her rose cut rings, because all of them are so unique and beautiful. And even though her favorite rose cut stone (be it diamond, moissanite, etc.) is more entrancing than dazzling, she still brings the sparkle to her rings that aren’t simple solitaires. Whether that be with pavé diamonds around the band, or floating half halo diamonds above or below the center stone, it looks stunning. Totally multidimensional in effect.

It only gets better, too, once you’re finally engaged and can start brainstorming the rest of your ring finger stacking party. Rose cut engagement rings were literally made to play well with others, and the Everett wedding bands just add to the statement. I’d be happy with all the Aster bands, but they’re all so great and dynamic, I can see brides having a lot of fun with wedding band shopping. Getting two different bands at the same time wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world…. A girl needs variety.

Rose Cut Diamond Solitaire with Emma Chevron, Mini Aster and Morgan Micropavé band

She fangirled hard and then said ‘yes’ to one of her own

“I am writing to say thank you for creating such a beautiful, absolutely perfect engagement ring. As you know, I've reached out a few times over the past few years to inquire about rings, and I am so, so excited to now be saying thank you for a custom ring of my very own. Sam spoke very highly of his experience working with you, choosing the diamonds, and being able to add his own custom touch to this ring. He is also very much in love with the final product! Sam proposed last month, the day before my birthday, while on a short getaway trip in Charleston, SC. After almost seven years of dating, the proposal was so heartfelt and emotional, and we fell in love all over again. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect ending to an already perfect day. Sam was (and is!) very proud of this ring, and we still get so many compliments and questions regarding the cut and design. It truly is stunning. I get lost staring at the ring, take (way too many) photos of it everywhere I go, and I still get butterflies looking at it.”

Everett’s trading East Coast vibes for West Coast sunshine

Ali actually just picked up and moved her NYC-founded brand to Los Angeles ((like yesterday, really)). But she’ll be visiting NYC all the time for market and customer meetings, and she’s already taking appointments for November 8, 9, and 10th. So, if you’re clamoring for something custom, we’d 100p recommend getting in touch!

Everett Rose Cut Pear Diamond Coronet Engagement Ring

Pretty sure we’d all lose in a game of never have I ever(ett), if we were asked something like ‘never have I ever’ wanted to steal an engagement ring like this one before… Umm. Don’t steal, just get one of your own!


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We partnered with Everett to remind brides everywhere just how ridiculously-beautiful rose cut diamonds can be. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!