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Ever Heard Of A Re-Wedding? C. Baron Photography Gives Us The Scoop


We all wish we could be the type of person that perseveres and knows exactly what it is we want in life... but when it comes down to it, many of us just don't want to cause waves or hurt anyone's feelings. This is not a bad thing, unless not causing waves costs you a meaningful experience, like the wedding you had been dreaming of. In steps C. Baron Photography and their revolutionary Re-wedding idea. This company came across a bride who dutifully stood aside and let her friends and family plan her big day. She didn't necessarily dislike her wedding, it just left her wishing she had been able to stand her ground and create the Pocahontas themed wedding she had wanted.  

Keep scrolling to find out just what C. Baron Photography and their team of talented vendors were able to pull together for her and her new hubby! Oh, and there were a ton of great photos we couldn't include here so be sure to check out the full gallery!

boho pocahontas themed wedding look

here comes the bridegreenery and feathers wedding bouquet

macramé and dream catcher wedding ceremony

So What Is A Re-Wedding?

From C. Baron Photography: We pride ourselves in photographing all of the details – big and small. After all, it seems like the “little things” are always the “big things” aren’t they? Once the getaway car leaves, all that remains of the day are memories. It is incredible how quickly the day goes by and how much is easily forgotten. We love seeing our couples relive their day through our personalized storybooks and cinematic highlight reels. However, sometimes just once isn’t enough. Who says you can’t pledge your love to each other over and over again? When you share that special type of love there is no reason not to renew, revow, REWEDDING! 

This was the case with our sweet Bride, Jennifer. When they first said “I Do,” she had been dreaming of a natural, boho themed wedding. However, the influence of her friends and family persuaded her to have a traditional, garden themed wedding. It was absolutely beautiful but wasn’t what she had in mind. This conversation sparked a new service, the C. Baron REWEDDING. 

We realized that with the help of our vendor friends we could help her create the Pocahontas themed wedding of her dreams! This made us realize that there are many other Brides like Jennifer out there. We all have that “dream wedding,” but don’t always get the exact aesthetic we have in mind due to one factor or another. We believe every couple deserves the experience that fits their personal style. We couldn’t have been any more thrilled to create this experience for any couple.

custom dream catcher

boho style wedding tablevintage tea pot

natural rustic wedding table

wedding cake with jade and faux feathers

are you planning a Wedding or a Re-Wedding?

We understand if you aren't in the market for a Re-wedding, but C. Baron Photography also has a talent for capturing your actual wedding day as well! You can check out their Instagram @cbaronphoto to see just how awesome they are. Once you've decided your wedding day (or re-wedding day) will not be complete without C. Baron Photography be sure to book now on their website!

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