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"Ever After" by Tiny Siren Animation Turns You into a Cartoon!

wedding animation for your save the day

We all grew up watching animated fairytale movies, loving the stories and emulating the characters. Many of us still hold these movies close to our hearts today, and why shouldn’t we? They’re classics for a reason! Now you can bring this classic animated magic to your wedding day, with “Ever After” wedding animation by Tiny Siren Animation!

See your love story told with storybook narration and beautiful, hand-drawn animation, with you and your fiancé both transformed into elegant cartoon characters. Tiny Siren’s storytellers will adapt your love story into a 30-120 second long animation, highlighting the biggest moments in your relationship. Your “Ever After” video can even draw inspiration from your favorite animated movie, incorporating the classic themes and imagery.

Ever After wedding animation

once upon a time animation

real couples get turned into cartoons

Tiny Siren’s “Ever After” wedding animations are perfect for proposals, memorable engagement announcements, and digital save-the-dates. You could also wow your wedding guests with “Ever After” as unforgettable entertainment during your wedding reception.

tangled themed wedding animation

wedding proposal animation

See this cute couples "Ever After" animated love story in full in the video below!

Tiny Siren Animation is a Boston area animation studio, specializing in traditional hand-drawn animation. In addition to offering “Ever After” wedding animation, they also create commercials for small businesses and non-profits, and produce original entertainment. Their first animated series, “Sirenetta & the Second Star,” premiers on Amazon this June. 

Be sure to like Tiny Siren Animation on Instagram @tinysiren.animation for daily updates on their next animation projects and to see what they are working on today! 

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