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Envelope Registry Inc

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Our favorite online wedding registry Envelope has just released an amazing new thank you card service.  

Envelope Registry is a new take on an old tradition.  Envelope allows you to make a beautiful, fully customizable wedding registry in a matter of minutes.  You can choose from over 200 items to make your registry.  Items range from activities like "learning to bake", or "guitar lessons", to travel related things like "upgrade us to business class”.  You can even ask for contributions to your mortgage.  Envelope collects the money that your guests contribute and transfers it directly to your bank account.  The girls at wedding chicks love it!! 

We also wanted to share with you that Envelope has just released an amazing new thank you card feature.  We know how hard it can be to manage your thank you cards after the excitement of your wedding.  Well Envelopes new service allows you to create stunning 'hand written' cards directly from your computer.  You can either choose to use one of their beautiful cards or upload your own image.  Then all you need to do is type in the message to your guests and Envelope takes care of the rest! Posted, personalized cards, to anywhere in the world for less than $4.  Amazing!

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