Engagement Rings And Wedding Dresses That Match Your Horoscope


Shane Co. engagment rings

What's your sign? Whether you're a Capricorn like me, or a Leo like Amy, we believe that your astrological sign impacts what type of engagement ring you desire, as well as the wedding dress you will wear. 

To help us decode the fashion stars, Shane Co., engagement and wedding ring experts, helped us discover engagement rings for every horoscope. 

capricorn Bridal style

pear engagment ring

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Capricorns really do love to have the best taste! They are drawn to classic fashion and anything with intricate details. So, it's no surprise that they would be drawn to this Halo engagement ring with a unique pear-shaped center gemstone. Combined with milgrain detailing, it has a vintage feel. Shop this vintage pear-shaped halo diamond engagement ring in 14k white gold here.

Anna Campbell wedding dress

A Capricorn would proudly wear that Shane Co. pear shaped diamond along side this charming vintage inspired gown by  Anna Campbell.

This gown is dazzling with it's sparkling hand-beaded loops that adorn the shoulders and waist, balancing a skirt of embellished vintage lace. 

Anna Campbell wedding dress

aquarius Bridal style

 Oval Halo Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Aquarians are truly wild cards! It is almost impossible to peg their style down, they tend to be eccentric, and are drawn to all things fantastically unique. 

More than likely they would stray from a traditional engagement ring and be drawn to a ring like this oval halo diamond vintage engagement ring.

Reem Acra wedding dress

Can't you see your favorite Aquarian walking down the aisle in this Reem Acra dress? The lace gloves, the unique cut, and the free flowing skirt embody everything we love about all the free spirited Aquarians we know.

Reem Acra wedding dress

pisces Bridal style

Double halo engagement ring

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Pisces are all about glamour and romance. Any Pisces bride-to-be would be ecstatic if she were to  receive this spectacular engagement ring

This beyond gorgeous ring is exclusively part of the Shane Co. Eternally Yours Collection and is highlighted by a total of 86 round diamonds. Each diamond has been hand-selected for superior brilliance and pavé-set.  To say the least this double halo engagement ring is captivating.

Alon Livine Terri Wedding Dress

Pisces have vivid imaginations and an affinity towards dramatic fashion. Pisces rules over feet, so you betcha that they will be wearing fabulous shoes under their wedding gown.

We can definitely see our Pisces fashionista friends in this Alon Livine ball gown. It  looks as though it just stepped off of a Hollywood film set. Dripping with diamantes and overflowing with lace. 

Alon Livine Terri Wedding Dress

aries Bridal style

classic single solitaire diamond engagement ring

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries women are drawn to simple yet elegant pieces. Like this classic single solitaire diamond engagement ring with a rose gold band. An ideal engagement ring for the lady that loves a timeless piece of jewelry. This Shane Co. engagement ring will forever be on-trend.

long sleeved wedding dress with bateau neckline

Aries women love clean lines, and tend to stay away from anything too frilly. Something like this long -sleeve Bellagio crepe bridal gown form Marinta Liana. Classic, beautiful and fashion forward. Exactly what Aries women tend to gravitate towards. 

long sleeved wedding dress with bateau neckline

taurus bridal style

Vintage Round Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

Taurus  (April 20 - May 21)
The earthiest of all the signs, Taureans love natural colors. Their closets are more than likely overflowing with shades of browns, forest greens and deep reds. Although they love earth tones, they are also are known for loving luxurious items. 

This vintage round engagement ring in 14k rose gold plays to all their favorites. This stunning Shane Co. engagement ring boasts 82 round diamonds and features a center center diamond. The intricate milgrain detailing and diamonds on all angles create an elegant design. A total gem!

Claire Pettibone Zodiac Dress

As we said the Taurean women loves anything revolving around nature, so it is only natural that she would fall head over heals in love with this Zodiac gown by Claire Pettibone.

The glimmering of precious metals woven into the fabric offer up a decadent statement for the bride that loves the earth. Truly a statement wedding gown!

Claire Pettibone Zodiac Dress

gemini bridal style

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring with Milgrain Detail in Platinum

Gemini (May 22 - June 23)
Gemini girls are always on the up and up in the fashion scene. They always seem to have that on-trend piece before anyone else. Geminis are likely drawn to an engagement ring that has lots of pizzaz and detail like this   vintage diamond engagement ring with milgrain detail in platinum.

Twelve brillant round diamonds at approximately .30 carat total weight sparkle and shine. Crafted of quality premium platinum. With so much detail, any Gemini women will never get tired of staring at her ring.

Sophia tolli two piece wedding dress

Gemini women are forever changing up their look. So, it seems only natural that she would want to wear two different wedding looks. This Stophia Tolli two-piece lace and misty tulle wedding dress set, has a detachable tulle skirt and detachable straps. Allowing the Gemini bride to create more than a few looks.

Sophia tolli two piece wedding dress

cancer bridal style

vintage engraved diamond engagement ring

Cancer (June 23 - July 22)

Cancer girls love a little vintage flair, so we are quite certain that they would adore this vintage inspired engraved diamond engagement ring in 14k rose gold featuring thirty round pavé-set diamonds, at approximately .20 carat total weight.
Crafted of quality 14 karat rose gold, this stunning design is the perfect setting for the center gemstone of your choice. Gorgeous right?

Hayley Paige Wedding Gown

Cancers love to layer and are known to have quite a collection of gorgeous lingerie. Cancers are drawn to anything ultra feminine Obviously their wedding gown selection will contain all those elements. 

This Hailey Paige tulle and lace gown is an obvious choice for our favorite Cancer. Ultra feminine layers of tulle cascade down and topped with sweetheart lace top that resembles a sexy piece of lingerie.

Hayley Paige Wedding Gown

leo bridal style

round double halo engagement ring

Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Leo women are more than likely to have the most fantastic engagement ring you ever have seen. She is definitely going to desire an engagement ring that will be noticed, has lots of sparkle and stands out. 

This round double halo engagement ring with pavé set diamonds features seventy-two round diamonds. It is a perfect match for any Leo lady, and with all those diamonds, you are guaranteed some serious sparkle.

Inbal Dror Haute Couture Wedding Dress

As far as a Leo's wedding dress, she will more than likely have something haute couture or avant garde. We can see her now in an Inbal Dror wedding dress. With it's intricate lace and fabulous detail it is definitely a head turner. Exactly what a Leo bride-to-be is looking for. 

Inbal Dror Haute Couture Wedding Dress

virgo bridal style

princess cut engagement ring

Virgo (August 21- September 22)
Virgos are known for their attention to detail and their meticulous appearance. Virgos love the best of the best. It is a must that her  engagement ring must be superior in quality!

Any Virgo woman would be thrilled to wear this brilliant engagement ring. With hand-matched diamonds lining the top, sixteen round diamonds in all, at approximately .20 carat total weight, cover this delicate ring in exquisite sparkle. The superior quality 14 karat rose gold setting pulls the look together. Simply add a center diamond in the shape and size of your choice.

Katie May Princeville wedding dress

Everything the Virgo woman owns is tailored to  fit. Everything looks as it was made especially for her. So more than likely she will be drawn to something that hugs her in all the right places like this Katie May wedding dress. 

Katie May Princeville wedding dress

libra bridal style

Halo Engagement Ring

Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Being the most feminine of the Zodiac, Libra women love flowers, perfumes, dresses paired with the perfect heels and just over all anything girly.

They are die hard romantics!  Any Libra woman would fall head over heels in love with this spectacular infinity halo diamond engagement ring in 14k White gold. This glorious Shane Co. halo engagement ring has ninety-four round pavé- set diamonds. Truly fit for a princess. 

blush pink wedding gown by Stella York

This ultra girly  blush wedding dress by Stella York would be a definite go to for any Libra woman. The lace and tulle over organza make this ball gown a dream dress. 

blush pink wedding gown by Stella York

scorpio bridal style

Diamond Halo Vintage Engagement Ring

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Scorpios are sexy sirens. They exude confidence and adore the deep and mysterious. They would love the dramatic flair of this stunning engagement ring. Which is part of the exclusive Couture by Shane Co. collection. With 98 round diamonds, at approximately 1.50 carats total weight, creating a stunning backdrop to the center diamond of your choice.

Each diamond has been hand-selected for superior brilliance and is pavé-set in quality 14 karat white gold with a vintage-inspired milgrain detailing to complete the design. Popular choices of center 1.50 carat diamonds to complete this halo setting include round, princess cut, and cushion cut.

Berta Bridal wedding gown

Since Scorpio women are the most confident of the sun signs then it should be no shocker that they would wear this ultra sexy Berta Bridal wedding gown. It's their day, and all eyes will be on her in this sultry long sleeve wedding gown.

Berta Bridal wedding gown

sagittarius bridal style

rose gold engagement ring

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Sanitarians are always on the go and can never stop moving. Wanderlust runs through them, and they all seem to have an affinity towards anything cultural.

An engagement ring that reflects their earthy style like this ravishing engagement ring in rose gold, with vintage-inspired detailing and rises in cathedral style would be an ideal choice for the earthy loving Sag.

boho chic wedding gown

Since Sagittarians can never stand still and love to move, it make sense that they would select a non structured, easy to dance in wedding gown.

This Mari Bridal gown would be an easy choice for the Sagittarius bride-to-be. The skirt flows as you walk and it is made of 100% silk.

boho chic wedding gown

unique engagement rings

If you did not see the ring that speaks to you, don't fret  shaneco.com has the ring that will go perfectly with your bridal style. We partnered with Shane Co. to share all these engagement rings and dresses that match your horoscope. If you did not see the ring that speaks to you, don't fret! ShaneCo.com has a ring that will go perfectly with your bridal style. 

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