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Emily Alt Photography is like hiring your best friend to shoot your wedding, minus all the drama that comes with hiring your best friend to shoot your wedding. Basically, you want someone to capture the fun moments, to stay out of your way, slam a glass of champagne with you before you walk down the aisle, and maybe help you wrangle the ring bearer back into position. That's Emily. She trusts that you're beautiful exactly the way you are, without a lot of pomp and circumstances. If you hire her, she'll shoot the heck out of your wedding while capturing all those rad moments that you don't realize are happening because you're too busy shaking your booty on the dance floor.
View all of her lovely photography here and don't forget to take a peek at her Wedding Chicks vendor page. Join us again next week for more Wedding Chicks vendor happy hours! To get information on becoming part of The Wedding Chicks and join all the fun email us by clicking here.

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