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Elizabeth + Alex | Heartfelt "First Look" Triple Destination Weddings

Elizabeth + Alex | Heartfelt 'First Look' Triple Destination Weddings

Right before she set off on her Jamaica/Sweden/Kansas City destination wedding, Elizabeth, the amazing WeddingMix bride, told us all about the totally one-in-a-million way she met her fiance and the story behind their triple-destination wedding!

Check out her Weddingmix trailer video above for Alex’s totally moving ”first look” reaction to Elizabeth in her wedding gown (seriously, you’ll be reaching for the tissues….)
Elizabeth: I am originally from Kansas City and Alex is from Sweden, so our wedding will be quite international. We wanted to get married in November. Only problem, no one wants to come to cold dark Sweden in November – and KC is not that much better. Plus, choosing either location would invariably make some part of the family angry due to distance. So we decided to make everyone angry, and ourselves quite happy, by getting married in beautiful Jamaica.

The big day is on Tuesday November 26th. Everyone arrived at the resort at least a few days in advance. So we will have a bachelor/bachelorette party on the Sunday before, with everyone invited. I am sure there will be some footage from that. The rehearsal will be the Monday before followed by an open air cocktail party and dinner at an Italian restaurant. The day of will be a full day of preparations with the ceremony starting at 3pm. We will do a “first look” at 2pm to get all the tears out of the way before the ceremony.

We are planning a fun short ceremony with 2 readings and a wine box ceremony. We will seal the deal with a pinky swear and a kiss followed by a toast to include the whole party (guests are encouraged to bring a drink.)
After photos there will be dinner and dancing. Then as a cap to the evening we will go out on the beach and light 40 paper lanterns and let them float into the night sky. Then anyone who is still up for it, can join us in the night club for dancing and general merriment.

Elizabeth + Alex | Heartfelt 'First Look' Triple Destination Weddings

Elizabeth + Alex | Heartfelt 'First Look' Triple Destination Weddings