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Eco-Wedding in Italy

Eco-Wedding in Italy

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people adapting a new lifestyle by improving important areas of their lives. A key aspect that people have focused on is restructuring their diet to include more organic, fresh, and healthy substances. Many of us, motivated by curiosity or necessity, have given attention to natural products and have gained interest in the macrobiotic, vegetarian, or vegan diet.
At The Tuscan Wedding, our job has always been to be attentive and professional. Now we realize what more our clients are looking for, which is to further their healthy and natural lifestyle. To ensure that we handle our clients to the best of our abilities, we are following this current trend in lifestyle changes and are trying to implement it during the wedding. We want our newlyweds to know that we respect their lifestyle choice and instill their values throughout their wedding day.

Eco-Wedding in ItalyEco-Wedding in ItalyEco-Wedding in ItalyEco-Wedding in ItalyEco-Wedding in Italy

Photography : Stefanie Kapra