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Eclectic Blue Backyard Wedding


Matt Lien photography

Rachel and Brent had their wedding nestled in the backyard of Rachel’s childhood home. It made for an especially intimate, and cozy, setting for everyone. Everything had a personal touch and was filled with DIY projects. They went for an eclectic assortment of flowers bought at Trader Joe's to create a fresh yet refined look. The colors were different shades of blue, enhanced by gold, with white linens to stay subtle while the flowers, designed by Ali May's Flowers, added that perfect pop of color.
To see all of the cute steal-worthy ideas from this eclectic blue backyard wedding view the full gallery here, all spectacularly photographed by Matt Lien.

wildflower bouquet

blue individual bridesmaid dresses

blue bridesmaid dresses

blue bridesmaid dress and white bouquet

blue groomsman looks

Matt Lien

From the Bride:Rachel’s father cut trees from the yard, making stumps which lined the aisle, and table decorations that held some of (the groom) Brent’s original artwork. Rachel’s older brother flew in from out of the country to officiate the ceremony, and Brent’s siblings performed bone-tickling music throughout. Doors from Brent’s Grandfather’s farmhouse were used throughout the backyard, jars from both parents hung at the altar, and a bowl given from Rachel’s father to her mother was used for washing each others feet.

monogram silhouette ceremony program by Brent Schoepf

outdoor wedding ceremony seating

tree stump and floral pails

mason jar ceremony backdrop

traditional feet washing ceremony

yay we\'re married!

Advice From the Bride:There are a few things we would have done differently. I would have had my hair/makeup appointment earlier or at the place where my bridesmaids were getting ready so I could have had more time to hang out. It was a little rushed in the morning, and I would have liked a more relaxed environment. We would have had the ceremony an hour later so all our twinkle lights would have twinkled a little better. Lastly, Brent wrote me a song, and he wished he would have put in more practice so he wasn't so nervous!

photograph guestbook table ideas

wedding tent reception ideas

woodsy silhouette table decor

simple rose decor

simple wildflower centerpieces

rustic wedding decor

Read on to see how much this eclectic blue backyard wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Our budget:
Photography: $3000
Catering: $4000
Pies: $250
Candy Buffet: $150
Rentals: $2000
Dress: $900
Hair/makeup: $150
Groom: $175
Bands: $600
Bridesmaids: spent between $40 and $100 on their dresses Groomsmen: $75
Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen: $250
Flowers: $600
Table Decorations: $100
Artwork on tables: $50
Invitations: $300
Programs: $175
I borrowed a ton of stuff for our wedding to eliminate cost.  All of the lights were borrowed, linens, vases, jars, birds, and furniture (other than tables and chairs). My only real expenses for decorating were the table runners I made from fabric bought at a discount, and gold spray paint to change the look of the jars and birds. I used logs and sticks from our yard, and spruced them up with spray paint. Once I had a base I splurge on the flowers to fill the assortment of items I collected. I stole a dresser from my mother in law, doors from Brent's grandfather's old farm, and the table that was in my parent's kitchen growing up for our sweetheart table. Not only did this cut cost, but made the day nostalgic and personal. Brent made all of the invites, artwork and programs. This saved us money, because we only paid printing cost. We did our best to pinch our pennies and still be creative.

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