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Easy Wedding Centerpiece By Matthew Robbins Design


Matthew Robbins Easy DIY wedding centerpiece project

Matthew Robbins Design is here again to show us how to create another easy wedding centerpiece. Just like the first project we showcased last week, this do-it-yourself wedding centerpiece is just as easy and only requires a few elements to make one show-stopping floral arrangement. All photographed by one of our favorite film wedding photographers Erich McVey. Read on to learn how to make this, and for more wedding inspiration be sure to pick up the incredible wedding book Matthew Robbins Inspired Weddings.

Matthew Robbins Easy DIY wedding centerpiece project

We have curated a list of all the essentials you need to get started on this easy floral centerpiece. You are going to need a pair of Pocket Shears to clip the flowers, and floral pin frogs to hold the flowers down. You can buy both at Jamili Garden, they have a ton of supplies for do-it-yourself floral projects. You are are also going to need some florist clay and some pebbles/rocks as well as an enamel/metal box.

Matthew actually used a vintage medical instrument tray like the one below from Etsy. Last but not least, you will need seasonal florals. For this particular spring inspired arrangement we used orange, white and yellow ranunculus, sweet peas and begonia leaves. You can buy all the florals online at Whole Blossoms. This arrangement can be done any time of year but this loose floral arrangement looks best with flowers that are not stiff and have lots of personalty. Matthew suggests sticking with two types of flowers for a cohesive looking design.

Matthew Robbins Weddings

Step One:
Roll up your florist clay into little balls and stick it to the bottom of your floral pin frogs, and place in your container. This will ensure that the pins do not slide around and protect your container.
Step Two:
Trim your flowers. Cut each flower at an angle and try to do it under water. When flower stems are cut under water, water is pulled into the stems more quickly and will ensure that each stem is full of water. Be sure to cut different lengths of each flower for a fun and whimsical arrangement.

Matthew Robbins Design

Step Two:
Fill up your container with water and start putting your flowers in the flower frogs, they will  hold your flowers upright or at angle. Once you put the flower in the frog do not take it out.
A few tips on Flower Frogs - The spiky variety are good for thin, flimsy stems; ones with holes are suited to the thicker stems of tulips and lilies; and hairpin frogs with wire loops are best for stiff stems and branches.

Easy Wedding Centerpiece By Matthew Robbins Design

Step Two:
After you have put all of  your flowers in, pour in your pebbles/rocks to cover up the floral pin frogs. Matthew added the begonia leaves last and had a great tip on these great leaves. Buy the entire plants from your local nursery and simply cut the leaves off of the plant.

Matthew Robbins Easy DIY wedding centerpiece project

Photographer: Erich McVey

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