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Easy Holiday Floral Arrangement

easy holiday arrangement

What is your seemingly perfect holiday table lacking? A stunning floral arrangement to complete it ... of course! Here to help you create that much needed prettiness is Boston wedding florist extraordinaire, Pollen Floral Design. With a few florals, and her step by step instructions you will have a easy holiday floral arrangement in no time. Enjoy the lovely photos by First Mate Photo.
First stop - the floral store to pick up your buds - 4 garden roses, 4 cosmos, 4 strawflower, 1 large dahlia, 4 hot biscuit amaranthus, several branches of eucalyptus and fall foliage. A vessel to place all the florals in. They used a green depression vase. We love it!

eucalyptus and fall foliage in green depression glass

Step 1: Because this vessel has a wider mouth, start by creating a grid using your greenery. This helps hold the flowers in place when you add them. Place your greenery in such a way that it creates the basic shape you want for you arrangement.

eucalyptus and fall foliage in green depression glass

Step 2: Add in the hot biscuit amaranthus. It should follow the lines you create with your greenery shape.

easy holiday flower ideas

Step 3: Next, begin adding your bigger flowers (dahlias and garden roses). These will be your focal flowers.

Boston Pollen Floral

Step 4: Lastly, add in your filler flowers (cosmos and strawflower) to any remaining holes in the arrangement

fall centerpiece ideas

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