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East Coast Soul Is The 5-Star Band Your Wedding Needs


East Coast Soul Is The 5-Star Band Your Wedding Needs Photo by:

Let's be real for a moment. Wedding bands have unfortunately earned a pretty bad rap over the years. From cheesy, overdone songs to disinterested, sub-par performances, don't let a few bad apples spoil all the fun! If you want to take your wedding to the next level with a live band your guests will rave about for years to come, then let us point you in the right direction: East Coast Soul! This tightly-knit group of friends and talented musicians bring their own unique, soulful style, and energy that will keep your guests on the dance floor all. night. long!

Known as Boston's premier wedding band, this collective of committed, full-time musicians have curated a timeless repertoire that covers a wide range of musical styles from funk & soul to R&B and all the latest hits. With four amazing ensembles available, this diversified group of musicians will bring an unparalleled level of energy to your wedding celebration, and they do it all in style. No cheesy outfits or bad hair cuts here. 

East Coast Soul Is The 5-Star Band Your Wedding Needs

Plus, they sound incredible!
We listened in on a few of their live in-studio recordings and we promise your guests will be blown away by the amount of talent to be had. With countless 5-star reviews across the board, one's things for sure, they bring an unforgettable energy to the party!

As members of StyleMePretty’s “Little Black Book”, to The Knot’s “Hall Of Fame” and a multi-year winner of The Knot and Wedding Wire's “Best of” Awards. Not to mention all of the 5-star reviews and testimonials, it’s easy to see why East Coast Soul is one of Boston's premier wedding bands.

Listen in:
East Coast Soul: The Soulvilles Emsemble


"It would be hard to overstate and/or encapsulate in 3500 characters how good East Coast Soul is. Next to deciding to marry my spouse, this was the best decision I made in regards our wedding day. As you might expect, the whole process was easy, from the band initially getting in touch with us, to getting a sense of what we wanted/didn't want, to helping us with ceremony sound. They have a very easy-to-complete google survey for your preferences, timing, etc. Showed up to the venue well ahead of time, ready to go. All thumbs up on the organizational front. But let me talk about the band. Oh my god, the band. At some point during my mother/son dance, when I let my attention widen in scope, I thought to myself in the back of my mind, "Damn, these guys are GOOD." And then it just got better. And better. And better. The entire main set, I don't think there was one butt in a chair. Our family friends' younger daughter, who I've been told is shy and introverted, was dancing the entire night. An older relative who I didn't even think could safely walk up three flights of stairs danced the entire night. I think the guy dishing out Ben and Jerry's in the back corner was dancing the entire night. I have several friends that range from very-good-amateur to professional-level musicians who were standing transfixed in front of the stage like they were at a concert. During the final song I crowd surfed (!). My spouse crowd surfed (!!!!). The lead singer crowd surfed (!!!!!!!!!!). After the whole thing was over people were left looking at each other in that manner that people do when they need to confirm that what just happened, happened, and that they weren't having a hallucination. It was that good. It goes without saying that everyone was asking me for the band's name, telling me this was the best band they have ever seen at a wedding, etc. etc. etc., all the accolades you normally hear about in wedding reviews. But it was better than that. It was a religious experience. I find myself waking abruptly in the middle of the night because I was shouting The Isley Brothers in my sleep. I'm worried the dry cleaner won't be able to clean my suit because it got so sweaty. I'm still not sure if my uncle has gotten his voice back yet. Please, let me help you save some of your wedding planning time for flowers or photographers or linens or whatever else you need. Book this band. Right. Now."

There is a lot of love around the internet for East Coast Soul. Read more testimonials here

East Coast Soul Is The 5-Star Band Your Wedding Needs

Your best day ever starts here

You only have to read through a few of the testimonials to realize that you need to book this band like, right now. If we had to guess, they probably book up fast so don't wait! Your best day ever starts here. Get in touch! 

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