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Easily Send Thank You Cards With Postable


Easily Send Thank You Cards With Postable

Now it's time to show your gratitude for that new mixer, that awesome set of cookware and that $100 gift card you received. Thanking everyone who made your day special and thought of you is of the uttermost importance! Now with Postable you can easily send Thank You cards to everyone you know. Read on to hear about how great Postable is, and be sure to enter chicksfall13 and receive 10% off your first order.
For a mere $2 + postage - Postable prints, stuffs, hand stamps and mails your thank you cards. They have a variety of hand written fonts, so it looks look you wrote them yourself. Their card selection is super stylish, with designs from - Rifle Paper Co, Mr. Boddington's Studio and Felix Doolittle. So, you know that you are sending out an on-trend thank you card. Besides being well designed they are also 100% recycled.

hand written cards from Postable

How it works:

1. Sign Up For Postable 2. Import your address and use their mailing address collection tool. By the way it is totally free, even if you never write any cards. You can even export to excel & print labels right form the site at no charge.
3. Pick a card and start writing We totally love Postable and use the service ourselves. You can send thank-yous for any and all occasions. From your bridal shower, to your wedding and everything after and in between. Wedding Chicks personally uses Postable and can vouch that it is super fabulous and easy. Before we leave, we wanted share a few thank you examples for your wedding, don't forget to enter chicksfall13 to receive 10% off your first order.

easily send thank you cards with Postable

You can learn more about Postable by watching the video below, and read on for a few sample Thank You examples for you to take note of as well.

Sample Thank-You for when you receive money as a gift at your WeddingDear Alex & Kami Thank-you so much for the money that you gave Dan and me for our wedding. It was incredibly generous of you. We used it toward a down payment on our new home. We are so excited! We also wanted to thank you for coming to our wedding. We loved visiting and hearing what you have been up to in Texas. We hope to see you soon, maybe this Thanksgiving.
Lots of Love Sloan & Jack

Sample Thank-You for when you receive money as a gift-card at your WeddingDear Cynthia-
Thank you for the West Elm gift card. We bought a set of dishes to complete our collection, and some ikat cereal bowls. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, and remembering us! Enjoy the rest of your week and again Thank you.
Sincerely, Sloan & Jack

Sample Thank-You for when you receive a gift from someone you are close toDear Lexi & Wes Thank you for the personalized door mat. It was on top on our registry list, and we were so excited to receive it. It was so nice and sweet of you to remember us. We cherish our friendship and can not wait to have you come over and wipe your feed on our new mat.

With Love, Sloan & Jack