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Easily Plan Your Wedding and Keep Your Sanity with MrOwl


MrOwl can help you plan and organize your wedding

MrOwl is a fun, new destination where you can discover, create, collaborate, and share the things that inspire you every day. MrOwl is unlike any other organization app for wedding planning, whether trying to keep track of venues, vendors or vows. Now you can keep everything all in-one-easy place and share it with everyone helping you plan - whether that’s your maid of honor or your wedding planner. And, did I mention that it’s FREE?!

You can create collections of information called “branches” and then add in things like subtopics, links, photos, and documents. Everything is searchable - even the documents. So, you can keep your centerpiece inspiration ideas next to the seating chart PDF you uploaded. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Mr Owl is an app that can help you plan your wedding

Personalize and share your content

Personalize everything by adding, re-ordering, and emphasizing what’s important to you as you put together your collection of information. Did you decide to go with a different dress vendor for your bridesmaids? Call out why you changed vendors in the description so that you’ll remember in 6 months. Move, edit and delete links in a snap — and your girls will see all the updates.

Share your "branches" via text, social media or email. And, you can even choose to add multiple editors to your branch and decide if you want to keep it private or make it public! This way you can keep some things a surprise — like how your mom slipped the love song from her wedding onto the reception playlist for after the first dance. This is a great way to easily collaborate with other people to share your knowledge and resources. MrOwl isn’t a timeline so you won’t lose information the way that you do in other places. That perfect wedding video you want to send to your videographer for inspiration won’t get lost in the fray — it will be exactly where you put it the first time.

Mr Owl is an app that can help you plan your wedding

With MrOwl, it’s never been easier to share your world and to share you. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play and start planning your big day today!

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