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Dresses So Gorgeous You’ll Be Totally Shocked At How Little They Cost


Dresses So Gorgeous You’ll Be Totally Shocked At How Little They CostPhoto Credit:

Do you ever see a styled shoot and want to be the bride, or are you normal? Hah. Because we always want to be the bride - looking her best, feeling like a goddess, and getting one day to live in the magic of a flawless wedding day. Granted, every real wedding day IS the best, really it is, but a styled shoot is just so much pretty and perfect in one picture (it’s curated and editorialized and assembled by the best pros in the business, so why wouldn’t it be?) that it’s nice to close your eyes and just imagine yourself in the dream. Rocking the coolest trends, posing with the most epic camera-sharing partners (we should say pals, they’re totally pals 🐴), and wearing fashions that defy what you usually buy, because expense isn’t a thing - it’s a daydream remember? Well, what if it didn’t have to be a fantasy? What if it could be real life, on your own wedding day, because you chose a dress that was absolutely beautiful and at the same time incredibly affordable. You’d have some budget left over for all the trendy, styled details and curated staging. is behind it all: a brand that stands for stunning aisle ensems for the most reasonable prices.

The back story, in all its glory

Babaroni is one of the first brands to lean into the modern online dress shopping concept, and it’s been life and sanity saving for ALL brides and their bridal parties since the beginning. Their goal is simple: to provide customers high-quality dresses and the best service at the most affordable prices. And it’s not just high-quality either, it’s custom tailoring and attending to every bride’s and bridesmaids’ sizes and unique tastes. Hard to do when that degree of personalization usually doesn’t come without a heavy price tag.

Dresses So Gorgeous You’ll Be Totally Shocked At How Little They Cost

Custom gets thrown around as a bridal buzzword all the time, too, but in case it’s legit. You can give them your bust/waist/hip measurements, because there is a true custom fit box to check, if you want it. They can also adjust the height and heel length according to your preferences. Now of course, even if you elect (and pay for, for just an extra $20 btw) for the custom scaling and modifications, everyone’s body type is unique, so you might still need additional alterations from a local seamstress. But what a way to get ahead of the game beforehand, especially when alterations can be a pretty significant line item and, a lot of times, a forgotten consideration. .

Real life or a styled wedding dream?

It can be either, seriously.

Dresses So Gorgeous You’ll Be Totally Shocked At How Little They Cost

Online wedding fashion is such a big slice of the market right now, and in doing so, Babaroni can: serve customers from all over the world; reduce the cost of all middlemen; and bring the best and most elaborate designs to brides and their squads at the most affordable price.

Two different selections, but two stunningly-satisfied shoppers

"Perfect fit! I was a little skeptical about purchasing my dress without doing the tailored fit, but the size US 8 fit true to size! It was a great quality and it came on time [cannot stress that enough]." ~ Kay

Dresses So Gorgeous You’ll Be Totally Shocked At How Little They Cost

“This dress was beautiful. I ordered it custom to my specific body measurements and it was beyond accurate, fit perfectly. The silhouette was so very smooth and I was comfortable the whole time I was wearing it.” ~ Alizon

Dresses So Gorgeous You’ll Be Totally Shocked At How Little They Cost

Buy-in-bulk bonus!

Don't forget to bring your bridesmaids into the dream and IRL. Now only, save up to 17 percent for bulk orders with the codes “BABARONIBULK6” (for orders of 6 or more) or “BABARONIBULK8” (for orders of 8 or more).

And follow Babaroni on IG to see all of the affordable aisle fashion STARTING AT JUST $159

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