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Dos and Don’ts When Registering For Your Wedding


Zola wedding registry @zolaregistry

Your wedding has many layers from your save the dates to your thank you notes. One of those many layers will be your wedding registry. This non-negotiable layer should  be versatile, custom and take you from engagement to the dreaded but all-too-real 'what I should register for?' moment. Luckily, there's Zola.

Zola is an easy, fresh, clean and creative wedding registry that allows you to register for giftsexperiences, and ask for cash all in one place. And because starting your wedding registry can be such a daunting task, we've teamed up with the experts to help you get started. Check out the tips and tricks the Zola team shared with us on the dos and don’ts when registering for your wedding.

Zola wedding registry @zolaregistry

do personalize your registry

You are personalizing your table linens, your wedding cake and having custom temporary tattoos with your monogram made for your guests to wear. Of course, you'll need a to have a customized registry as well. With Zola, you can create a custom wedding registry that allows you to share notes on gifts, indicating why you chose them! Personalize the shopping experience for your guests - they will not just be buying you seven dishes, but rather gifting you a family heirloom. Start your personalized Zola wedding registry here.

zola wedding registry @weddingchicks

do register for enough gifts

One of the most common mistakes Zola sees is when couples simply don’t add enough gifts to their registry for their guests to choose from. Guests love options, so having a variety of gifts in different price points is key. Zola has a great section with curated Gift Collections for the baker, entertaining and so on.
Zola all so offers a Planner feature. It takes out the guess work for you – simply plug in an estimate of the number of guests invited to your wedding, and it’ll tell you how many gifts you need in different price points!

100 most popular wedding registry gifts @zolaregistry

do register for what you want

Skip the china if you don’t need or want it! Take an inventory of what the two of you already have, and use Zola’s Registry Checklist to see what else you really need. Check out Starter Collections to get inspired and mix and match with gifts, experiences and cash funds to create a newlywed home full of gifts that truly reflect you two.

Lake Louise in Canada @zolaregistry

don't be afraid to ask for cash

Planning a dream honeymoon to Lake Louise, or possibly saving up for a home? These days, it’s totally acceptable to ask for donations towards your future life together. Guests will like to know they’ve contributed to something meaningful. Bonus? Zola has the lowest cash fee around. Sign up for Zola today and start planning your dream honeymoon.

Zola wedding regsitry @zolaregistry

do remember it’s okay to change your mind

Each time you receive a gift, Zola will notify you and give you the choice to ship it then or convert it to credits to use later. Using their online gift exchange you are able to swap gifts before you even receive them or convert them to credit towards something else. So, don't fret if you decide you don't really like that patterned pillow and want to swap it for something more useful (like cookware) or fun (like a date night experience) instead!

Zola wedding registry @zolaregistry

do have fun with it

This is your time to create the registry of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to ask for help (that’s what Zola's Registry Advisor is for!) and enjoy the experience of building it together. Photo by Rustic White for Zola.

Best wedding registry app from @zolaregistry

don't forget to use the App

Using the App will save time! You can use the barcode on your phone to scan and add gifts to your registry anytime, anywhere. Browse gifts in 3D settings – like a real store, apartment or rooftop – with the 360° feature, all from the comfort of your own home. Amazing ... right? Download Zola's wedding registry app here

send your thank you notes @zolaregistry

don't forget your thank you notes

When all’s said and done, use Zola's Thank You Manager to export a list of who got you what and when. Even if you exchanged their gift, you'll know what they bought you originally and can thank them properly.

Zola wedding registry @zolaregistry

As you see Zola is awesome, and has so many perks. Bonus! Receive $25 to spend on Zola when you create your registry by clicking here.

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